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CRC Press

CRC Press
File:CRC Press.png
Parent company Taylor & Francis
Status Active
Founded 1973 (as a publishing house)
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Boca Raton, Florida
Distribution Worldwide
Nonfiction topics Non-fiction technical books (engineering, science, mathematics, business and information technology)
Imprints A K Peters, Chapman & Hall, Productivity Press
Official website

The CRC Press, LLC is a publishing group that specializes in producing technical books. Many of their books relate to engineering, science and mathematics. Their scope also includes books on business, forensics and information technology. CRC Press is now a division of Taylor & Francis, itself a subsidiary of Informa.


The CRC Press was originally founded as the Chemical Rubber Company (CRC), which supplied laboratory equipment to chemists. In 1913 the CRC offered a short (116-page) manual called the Rubber Handbook as an incentive to purchase one of their products.[1] Since then the Rubber Handbook has evolved into the CRC's flagship book, the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.[1]

In 1973, in light of the success of its publishing ventures, the company changed its name to CRC Press, Inc, and exited the manufacturing business.[1] In 1986 it was bought by the Times Mirror Company; in 1997/98 it became a publicly held company. In 2003, CRC became part of Taylor & Francis, which in 2004 became part of the UK publisher Informa.[1]


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