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Cablecasting Limited

Cablecasting Limited (CL Systems Limited) was Canada's fifth largest cable television company[1] serving cities in western Canada and some small towns in Ontario. The two major shareholders of the company were David R. Graham, who owned 99.1%, and Noel R. Bambrough who owned 0.1%.

They owned cable facilities in the following markets:

File:Greater winnipeg cablevision.jpg
One of Cablecasting's cable companies


In May, 1980, a U.S. subsidiary of Cable America Inc., Cablecasting Ltd. bought up 80% of a cable company in the state of Dekalb Cablevision Inc., serving 16,000 households in De Kalb, Georgia.[3]

Before SHAW Communications bought up these assets for $307,500,000 in 1992,[4] Cablecasting Limited had 320,000 subscribers in the systems listed above. It was the fifth largest cable company in Canada .

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