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Camp Hammond (comics)

Camp Hammond (comics)
Camp Hammond. Marvel Atlas #2.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Avengers: The Initiative #1 (April 2007)
In story information
Type Training camp
Notable people Staff and students
Notable locations See points of interest

Camp Hammond is a training camp in the fictional Marvel Comics universe, Marvel Universe to train a superhero team for every state of the United States as part of the Fifty State Initiative. This Initiative HQ, located in Stamford, Connecticut, was the original setting for the Avengers: The Initiative comic book series.


A number of recruits undergoing various types of training.

Prior to the opening of Camp/Fort Hammond, the superhuman training facility was located at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia.[1] Camp Hammond, located on the site of the Stamford tragedy that started the Civil War, is named in memory of Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch. The camp is considered the Initiative HQ[2] and also serves the dual function of being the Initiative team for Connecticut.

The camp is primarily used to train drafted super powered young people in the United States who have to be registered with the federal government. However, many respected and established superheroes have also attended training to brush up and further their skills.

New recruits are put through Avengers basic training, which includes combat, first aid, and superhuman ethics.[2] If passed the recruits' registration card will be upgraded to a full heroes license with some being offered places in one of the fifty nationwide teams.

During the Secret Invasion, the base was set to be used by the Skrull invaders as a homebase for their regime. It is revealed the Chief Administrator, Hank Pym, was a Skrull impostor (this Skrull later perishes). The whole idea of the Initiative was created by Skrull agents to place Skrull impostors all over the country. Skrulls took the place of many graduates.

After the invasion, an incident with the Thor clone Ragnarok, and the revelation to the MVP cloning experiments to the media gives Norman Osborn, head of national security and director of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s replacement agency H.A.M.M.E.R., justification to shut down Camp Hammond.[3]

Points of interest

Among the locations in Camp Hammond are:

  • The Subbasement 5 level is the location of the omega weapons cache.[11]


Main article: Camp Hammond staff

The main staff at Camp Hammond consisted of Henry Peter Gyrich overseeing the camp as Secretary of Superhuman Armed Forces, with Yellowjacket as Chief Administrator, War Machine as Camp Director and Field Commander, Gauntlet as Drill Instructor, and Justice as Youth Counselor. Villain Baron Von Blitzschlag was hired as Head Scientist,[1] and later Taskmaster was brought in as Drill Instructor,[13] when Gauntlet was in a coma. Other guest instructors and staff included the Thing,[12] Constrictor,[16] Gargoyle (Issac Christians), Nighthawk, and a battalion of Initiative Cape-Killers along with other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Chuck the bus driver, transported the new recruits to Camp Hammond.[16]


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There were an undetermined number of recruits at Camp Hammond before it closed; according to Henry Peter Gyrich and War Machine, there are over sixty super humans at Camp Hammond including staff.[17] Notable graduates of the Initiative program at Camp Hammond include:


Further reading

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