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Campeonato Baiano

Campeonato Baiano
Country Brazil
Confederation CBF
Federação Bahiana de Futebol
Founded 1905
Number of teams 12
Domestic cup(s) Copa do Brasil
Current champions Bahia
Most championships Bahia (44 titles)
33px 2015 Campeonato Baiano

The Campeonato Baiano is the football league of the state of Bahia, Brazil. The championship has been played since 1905 without interruption.

2014 format

First stage:

9 teams play in a single round-robin in 8 rounds. The top 5 teams qualify to the Second stage, and the first-placed team gains a spot in the Copa do Nordeste of the following year. the two bottom teams are relegated.

Second stage:

The 8 teams (the 5 top teams in the first stage, plus the teams that participated in the Copa do Nordeste of the year) are divided in two groups of four teams, and each team plays twice against the teams of the other group.The two best-placed teams in each group qualify to the final stage.

Final stage

The 4 teams play in a Two-legged Knockout tie, with the winner of each one qualifying for the Finals, that also are played in the same way than the semifinals.The winners of the finals are the champions.the top two teams qualify for the Copa do Nordeste of the next year, and the best team, except the clubs of Série A, Série B and Série C, qualifies for the Série D.


First Division 2014

Second Division 2013

Not enter in Second Division 2013


Year Champions
1905 Clube Internacional de Cricket (Salvador)
1906 São Salvador (Salvador)
1907 São Salvador (Salvador)
1908 Vitória (Salvador)
1909 Vitória (Salvador)
1910 Sport Club Santos Dumont (Salvador)
1911 Sport Club Bahia (Salvador)
1912 Atlético Futebol Clube (Salvador)
1913 Fluminense (Salvador)
1914 S. C. Internacional (Salvador)
1915 Fluminense (Salvador)
1916 Sport Club República (Salvador)
1917 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1918 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1919 Botafogo (Salvador)
1920 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1921 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1922 Botafogo (Salvador)
1923 Botafogo (Salvador)
1924 Associação Atlética da Bahia (Salvador)
1925 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1926 Botafogo (Salvador)
1927 Clube Bahiano de Tênis (Salvador)
1928 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1929 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1930 Botafogo (Salvador)
1931 Bahia (Salvador)
1932 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1933 Bahia (Salvador)
1934 Bahia (Salvador)
1935 Botafogo (Salvador)
1936 Bahia (Salvador)
1937 Galícia (Salvador)
1938 Bahia (Salvador) and Botafogo (Salvador)
1939 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1940 Bahia (Salvador)
1941 Galícia (Salvador)
1942 Galícia (Salvador)
1943 Galícia (Salvador)
1944 Bahia (Salvador)
1945 Bahia (Salvador)
1946 Guarany (Salvador)
1947 Bahia (Salvador)
1948 Bahia (Salvador)
1949 Bahia (Salvador)
1950 Bahia (Salvador)
1951 Ypiranga (Salvador)
1952 Bahia (Salvador)
1953 Vitória (Salvador)
1954 Bahia (Salvador)
1955 Vitória (Salvador)
1956 Bahia (Salvador)
1957 Vitória (Salvador)
1958 Bahia (Salvador)
1959 Bahia (Salvador)
1960 Bahia (Salvador)
1961 Bahia (Salvador)
1962 Bahia (Salvador)
1963 Fluminense de Feira (Feira de Santana)
1964 Vitória (Salvador)
1965 Vitória (Salvador)
1966 Leônico (Salvador)
1967 Bahia (Salvador)
1968 Galícia (Salvador)
1969 Fluminense de Feira (Feira de Santana)
1970 Bahia (Salvador)
1971 Bahia (Salvador)
1972 Vitória (Salvador)
1973 Bahia (Salvador)
1974 Bahia (Salvador)
1975 Bahia (Salvador)
1976 Bahia (Salvador)
1977 Bahia (Salvador)
1978 Bahia (Salvador)
1979 Bahia (Salvador)
1980 Vitória (Salvador)
1981 Bahia (Salvador)
1982 Bahia (Salvador)
1983 Bahia (Salvador)
1984 Bahia (Salvador)
1985 Vitória (Salvador)
1986 Bahia (Salvador)
1987 Bahia (Salvador)
1988 Bahia (Salvador)
1989 Vitória (Salvador)
1990 Vitória (Salvador)
1991 Bahia (Salvador)
1992 Vitória (Salvador)
1993 Bahia (Salvador)
1994 Bahia (Salvador)
1995 Vitória (Salvador)
1996 Vitória (Salvador)
1997 Vitória (Salvador)
1998 Bahia (Salvador)
1999 Bahia (Salvador) and Vitória (Salvador)
2000 Vitória (Salvador)
2001 Bahia (Salvador)
2002 Palmeiras do Nordeste (1) (Feira de Santana) (Campeonato da Federação) and

Vitória (Salvador) (Supercampeonato)

2003 Vitória (Salvador)
2004 Vitória (Salvador)
2005 Vitória (Salvador)
2006 Colo-Colo (Ilhéus)
2007 Vitória (Salvador)
2008 Vitória (Salvador)
2009 Vitória (Salvador)
2010 Vitória (Salvador)
2011 Bahia de Feira (Feira de Santana)
2012 Bahia (Salvador)
2013 Vitória (Salvador)
2014 Bahia (Salvador)
2015 Bahia (Salvador)