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Canoeing 1000m

At international regattas in canoeing there are three distances on the program. 200m, 500m and 1000m. Men and Women can all participate in these disciplines in both K1, C1, K2, C2, K4, C4 but with that exception that women can only participate in the kayak events.

The same disciplines appears at the European Championships and World Championship, which each is divided in two separate regattas, the Junior/U18 and the Senior/18+. Juniors/U18 does not have 200m in any boat type.

In each event there are 9 lanes and competitors. There are determined special rules about the wide of the lanes. Each lane should be 9 meters wide and a competitor can be disqualified if he is within 5 meters to another competitor because he or she then can get some benefit of "surfing" the others wash.

The 1000m event is the longest in Flatwater Racing World Championships connection, and is by many regarded as the "king event" in the men’s K1. It requires a lot of endurance. It was the first event to be on the Olympic schedule in 1936 in both K1 and K2[1]

It is common not to compete in more than one distance, but some athletes do. Usually they compete in 200m and 500m or 500m and 1000m.