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Catalonia national rugby union team

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The Catalonia national rugby union team is the national rugby team of Catalonia. It was a founding member of FIRA in 1934, but since 1941 is a former official national team. It is currently trying to be official again.


Catalonia vs Sweden in 2010

The Catalan Rugby Federation (Catalan: Federació Catalana de Rugbi'), created in 1922, was one of the founder members of the Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur (FIRA) in 1934.[1] It played its first match in 1923 against the French club team, Toulouse Lalande Olympique. Its first international match as an official national team was in 1934 against Italy. The teams tied, 5–5, in front of a crowd of more than 15,000 in the Camp de Les Corts. One month later Catalonia played France, losing 15–22.

In 1941, after the Spanish Civil War, Spanish dictator Francisco Franco forcibly merged Catalonia's team into the Spanish rugby team. Nowadays some people are trying to reverse this decision, claiming the historical rights as a founder member of the FIRA in 1934.

Selected matches

As official national team
Date Result Place Stadium
14 April 1934 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px Italy 5–5 Barcelona Camp de Les Corts
27 May 1934 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px France 15–22 Barcelona Camp de Les Corts
24 March 1935 23x15px Italy 23x15px Catalonia 5–3 Genoa Luigi Ferraris
6 July 1936 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px France 17–24 Barcelona
As non-official national team
Date Result Place Stadium
6 November 1982 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px Ireland Ireland 17–22 Barcelona La Foixarda
13 January 1990 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px Italy 8–34 Argelès-sur-Mer
22 April 1990 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px Tunisia 16–15 Andorra la Vella
25 March 1995 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px Andorra 66–6 Sant Boi de Llobregat Estadi Baldiri Aleu
4 June 1995 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px Czech Republic 40–12 Barcelona
28 May 1997 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px France 18–58 Barcelona Olímpic Lluís Companys
24 March 1998 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px Russia 15–67 L'Hospitalet
13 June 1998 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px Italy 19–40 Barcelona Feixa Llarga
14 February 2010 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px Sweden 17–21 Sant Boi de Llobregat Estadi Baldiri Aleu[2][3]
25 September 2010 23x15px Catalonia 23x15px France Classic 12–29 Barcelona Estadi de la Foixarda[4]

Current squad

Catalonia national team in 2010 vs Sweden

Catalonia vs. Sweden (2010)[5]

# Name Club
1 Josep Raya CR Sant Cugat
2 Omar Miniño UE Santboiana
3 Marc González BUC
4 Pol Massoni UE Santboiana
5 Ignacio Gaminde RC l'Hospitalet
6 Ivan Gurriere FC Barcelona
7 Andrés Rangel CR Sant Cugat
8 Sergi Guerrero UE Santboiana
9 Marc Puigvert UE Santboiana
10 Àlex Benet CN Poble Nou
11 Cristian Martín UE Santboiana
12 Sebastià Fernández FC Barcelona
13 Sergi Aubanell UE Santboiana
14 Jordi Sánchez BUC
15 Geoffroy Lourdou CR Sant Cugat
16 Leo Paredes CR Sant Cugat
17 Óscar Ferreras RC l'Hospitalet
18 Gerard Blasco RC l'Hospitalet
19 Àlex Palomo UE Santboiana
20 David Porto SEL Vilanova
21 Víctor Linares Químic RC
22 Pau Puigdollers CR Sant Cugat
23 Ignasi Baqué RC l'Hospitalet

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