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Template:Infobox Italian comune Cavagnolo is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about Script error: No such module "convert". northeast of Turin. As of 31 December 2010, it had a population of 2,408 and an area of Script error: No such module "convert"..[1]

Cavagnolo borders the following municipalities: Brusasco, Monteu da Po, Lauriano, Moransengo, and Tonengo.


The comune of Cavagnolo is situated in the northern Monferrato and the territory is hilly.

Monuments and buildings

The abbey of Santa Fede was founded by the Benedictine monks of Sainte-Foy-de-Conque (Alvernia-France) toward halves the 12th century. Besides the ruins of the Castle and to the abbey there am the Church of St. Secondo to the Cemetery, old parish church, the town hall and Villa Martini, residence on the hills of Cavagnolo.

Demographic evolution

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