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Cenovis is a product based on yeast extract similar to Marmite and Vegemite, rich in vitamin B1. In the form of a dark brown food paste, it is used to flavour soups, sausages and salads. The most popular way to consume Cenovis, however, is to spread it on a slice of buttered bread, as stated on the product's packaging.

Cenovis is popular in Switzerland, (particularly Romandy). It was developed in Rheinfelden in 1931, on the initiative of a master brewer called Alex Villinger,[1] and was subsequently produced by the company Cenovis SA.

In 1999, a trio of entrepreneurs from Geneva, Michel Yagchi, Didier Fischer and Frank Guemara purchased the brand and relaunched it applying modern marketing methods.[2]

On 29 February 2008, the three entrepreneurs transferred the brand, acquired in 1999, to the Gustav Gerig AG, an Aargau company, and the product thereby returned to its canton of origin.[3]

The company presents the following story behind Cenovis:

"In 1931, a brewer recycled the yeast used for the fermentation of beer: vegetal substances very rich in vitamin B1. After several tests, the product was perfected and a group of Swiss brewers launched Cenovis; the product was an immediate success and the famous spread was so good that from 1955 it was included in the rations for Swiss soldiers... Healthy and strong soldiers!"[1]

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