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CenterStage Main Screen
Developer(s) CenterStage Project
Stable release 0.6.2 / 2007-08-20
Development status Stalled
Written in Objective-C
Operating system Mac OS X
Type Media Center
License GNU GPL

CenterStage, now obsolete, was a media center software application with a 10-foot user interface design for the living-room TV that allows digital content stored on an Apple Macintosh computer running Mac OS X to be played on a standard television set.

Active development and support of CenterStage is no longer underway in lieu of other media application availability.

The program relied heavily upon the existing iLife software suite, notably iPhoto and iTunes, as well as Elgato's EyeTV software for television show recordings by reading the media files organised in those applications. CenterStage also reads and plays back file types not supported by Apple in their suite of applications, either by reading the files found in your Home directory folders, or by organising them in the accompanying BackStage application. The user can then browse the Photo, Music, Movie and Television collections that have been stored, managed, and categorized then present them fullscreen on a Television set.

History, project information

The CenterStage project was founded in January 2005 by Neil Curry. Curry was seeking help to build a Mac based media center after the release of Apple's Mac Mini. The project began its life without a name and existed as a large, online forum of users who put forward ideas and even visual concepts for what a Mac based media center should be.

David McLeod then came on board, offering help with the forum and graphic design. McLeod was joined by Adrian Quan, another graphic designer. They both set about creating a CenterStage logo and icons for the user interface. Quan later moved on to other things with McLeod taking full control of graphic design, in regards to the software and the CenterStage website.

Belgian developer, Antoine Duchateau took up the challenge of developing the code for the application, shortly after this, Fabien Lydoire joined development team.

User interface screenshots


BackStage is used to organise different kinds of media that Apple's iLife applications do not support. Therefore, BackStage is a supporting application and is not a replacement for iTunes or any of the other iLife applications. BackStage aids or provides an additional solution for organising and playing file types that Apple's iLife range of applicatios do not cater for.

BackStage assists in adding the synopsis, actors, directors and so on (the meta-data) by performing a web based lookup of that Movie. The user can add a poster or DVD cover. This information is then stored, and can be used in CenterStage. BackStage also supports Movies and TV shows in Xvid, Avi or VIDEO TS.

How CenterStage and BackStage work together

CenterStage and BackStage work together, with BackStage acting as the host. CenterStage is the front end or a means to access your media from various sources which are then presented on your Television set. BackStage is one of the sources that provides media content for CenterStage to access and read from.


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