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Central Bank of Uruguay

Central Bank of Uruguay
Banco Central del Uruguay
File:Banco Central del Uruguay.jpg
Headquarters Montevideo
Established July 6, 1967 (1967-July-06)
President Alberto Graña
Central bank of Uruguay
Currency Uruguayan peso
UYU (ISO 4217)

The Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) (Spanish: Banco Central del Uruguay) is the central bank of Uruguay.


The Central Bank of Uruguay was established on July 6, 1967 as an autonomous state entity (Spanish: Ente Autónomo), with the passing of the 196th article of the República Oriental del Uruguay's Constitution. Prior to the creation of the BCU, the issuing of currency and managing and supervising of the banking system was handled by the department of the Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay.

On March 30, 1995 a bank charter was passed (Law 16696), which expanded the BCUs responsibilities and set out the management structure as well as the functions and responsibilities of the bank.

Numismatic museum

The building of the Central Bank in Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo houses the Numismatic museum, which is open to the public from 10:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday and has free entrance.


According to the 7th article of the BCUs Charter, its responsibilities are;

  • Issuer of money notes and coins, as well as their withdrawal throughout the republic
  • Manage monetary, credit and currency exchanging as set out by law
  • Act as economic advisor, banker and financial agent of the Government
  • Administer the international reserves of the State
  • Be the banker of all government institutions
  • Represent the Uruguay government at international financial organisations
  • Regulate and supervise all financial institutions

Presidents of the Central Bank

List of all the presidents of the bank since its establishment in 1967.

Enrique V. Iglesias 1967–1968
Carlos Sanguinetti 1968–1970
Armando Malet 1970
Nilo Márquez 1970–1971
Jorge Echeverría 1971–1972
Juan Pedro Amestoy 1972–1973
Carlos Ricchi 1973–1974
José Gil Díaz 1974–1982
José María Puppo 1982–1984
Juan Carlos Protasi 1984–1985
Ricardo Pascale 1985–1990
Ramón Díaz 1990–1993
Enrique Braga 1993–1995
Ricardo Pascale 1995
Humberto Capote 1995–2000
César Rodríguez Batlle 2000–2002
Julio de Brun 2002–2005
Walter Cancela 2005–2008
Mario Bergara 2008 - 2013
Alberto Graña 2014 -

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