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Centromere protein E

SymbolsCENPE ; CENP-E; KIF10; PPP1R61
External IDsOMIM117143 MGI1098230 HomoloGene20429 ChEMBL: 5870 GeneCards: CENPE Gene
RNA expression pattern
File:PBB GE CENPE 205046 at tn.png
More reference expression data
RefSeq (mRNA)NM_001286734NM_173762
RefSeq (protein)NP_001273663NP_776123
Location (UCSC)Chr 4:
104.03 – 104.12 Mb
Chr 3:
135.21 – 135.27 Mb
PubMed search[1][2]

Centromere-associated protein E is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CENPE gene.[1][2]

Centromere-associated protein E is a kinesin-like motor protein that accumulates in the G2 phase of the cell cycle. Unlike other centromere-associated proteins, it is not present during interphase and first appears at the centromere region of chromosomes during prometaphase. CENPE is proposed to be one of the motors responsible for mammalian chromosome movement and/or spindle elongation.[2]


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