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Formerly called
Vega Laboratories
Industry Electronics
Founded 1954; 62 years ago (1954)
Founder Gene Czerwinski
Headquarters Chatsworth, California [1], USA
Area served
Products Loudspeakers, amplifiers, home theaters

Cerwin-Vega is a manufacturing company that produces professional audio components, such as home audio speakers, and car audio components. On December 5, 2011 it was announced that the Stanton Group had been purchased by the famous Gibson Guitar Company. This purchase, and others, spawned the beginning of the "Gibson Pro Audio Division". Before then, and as a result of its bankruptcy as a private company, C-V was sold and became part of the Stanton Group, along with Stanton Magnetics and KRK, (a professional audio division focused on quality studio/recording speakers). Cerwin-Vega sells internationally from two main locations; one in Deerfield Beach, FL, and the other location in Brussels, Belgium, while manufacturing their pro products primarily in Malaysia and home products primarily in China.


File:Cerwin Vega.JPG
Cerwin Vega dual 15-inch speaker cabinet.

Cerwin-Vega was founded as Vega Laboratories (with later name changes to Vega Associates and then Cerwin-Vega) by aerospace engineer Gene Czerwinski (1927–2010) in 1954, and became noted for producing an 18" speaker capable of producing 130 dB in SPL at 30 Hz, an astonishing level during its time. Another breakthrough product, the world's first solid-state amplifier, was released in 1957. In addition to these innovations, the company became well known for supplying speakers for electric musical instrument companies such as Fender, as well as for movie theaters all through the 1970s.[2]

Cerwin-Vega participated in Sensurround technology which was developed in conjunction with Universal Studios in the 1970s. Sensurround was a movie theater special effects speaker system which used multiple Cerwin-Vega folded horn subwoofers triggered by an optical soundtrack system to create low frequency effects which simulated vibrations felt during an earthquake or a battle scene. Sensurround was premiered in the 1974 movie Earthquake, and was a great success, but most Sensurround units were later dismantled due to structural damage caused by the vibrations.

The earliest known Vega Laboratory speakers were hand made and contained Jensen branded woofers, sealed mid-ranges and horn tweeters in a ported enclosure with a Vega Labs-built crossover.
File:Very Early Vega Labs Loudpseaker.jpg
Early speaker from Vega Labs
File:Vega Labs Crossover.jpg
Vega Labs speaker crossover
Earliest known models have no serial number or model numbers on the crossovers plates and these are believed to be production prototypes of what would become C-V's popular 12" 3-way speaker systems. In the early 1970s Cerwin-Vega began marketing their "Residential" line of speakers with the Model 24 and Model 26. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Cerwin-Vega released models A-10, A-123, R-10 (10-inch, 2-way system), R-12 (12-inch, 2-way system), R-123 (12-inch, 3-way system), 12TR (12-inch Tower Reflecting horn), and 15T tower speakers with 12" and 15" downward firing woofers, and the model S-1 bookshelf speakers. The S-1 speaker system was the crowning achievement for Cerwin-Vega.[citation needed] By utilizing a "Sixth Order Butterworth Vent Tuning" and integrating the system with Cerwin-Vega's DB-10B Bass Turbocharger (included with the S-1 speakers), the low frequency range of the S-1 was increased beyond the capabilities of larger enclosures. Cerwin-Vega also delivered various models of efficient semi horn (DHORM) speakers (including the A-10, A-123 and S-1). They featured 10" or 12" woofers and often twin mid-range drivers in a ported enclosure. They were touted to deliver up to 126 decibels of sound pressure.


Today, Cerwin-Vega is mostly known for its woofers and subwoofers capable of delivering high sound level output with comparatively low frequency ranges using low power input. Their pro audio line is also noted for affordable price levels. In addition to home audio and pro audio speakers, Cerwin-Vega has a full range of automobile component speakers and subwoofers; The Stroker series of subwoofer has been a favorite of high SPL DB Drag competition, winning awards as early as 1996.

Cerwin Vega continues to sell home audio speakers, mobile audio speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, and pro audio speakers and subwoofers for live performance reinforcement.

On July 2nd, 2007, Cerwin-Vega's parent company, The Stanton Group, announced the sale of Cerwin Vega’s Mobile Division to CVM Acquisition Services, a sister company to Diamond Audio Technologies, LLC.

Shortly thereafter Cerwin-Vega launched Cerwin Vega Active (CVA) a new line of active speakers using direct firing subwoofers (CVA-115, CVA-118 and CVA-121) in 15", 18" and 21" driver sizes and a tri-amped dual 8" top box (CVA-28)

At the start of 2006 Cerwin Vega launched the Cerwin Vega Passive (CVP) Series, a range of bi-ampable, high SPL top cabinets to pair with the refreshed line of Vega Bass subs which includes the new TS-42 - 21" folded horn.


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