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Changchun Rail Transit

Changchun Rail Transit
Locale Changchun, Jilin, China
Transit type Rapid transit/Light rail
Number of lines 2
Number of stations 49
Daily ridership 140,000 (2012 Daily Avg.)
200,000 (2012 Peak)[1]
Began operation 2001
Operation will start 2020 (metro)
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System map


Changchun Rail Transit
Simplified Chinese 长春轻轨
Traditional Chinese 長春輕軌

Changchun Rail Transit (Changchun RT) is an on-ground rail mass transit system in the city of Changchun, Jilin province, China. It is said to be the first light rail transit or metrotram system on mainland China. The initial phase of Line 3 was completed in 2001, the 2nd phase was completed in 2007. Thus the construction of Line 3 has been totally finished. It officially opened to revenue service in October 2002. The current total length of the route is Script error: No such module "convert". with 49 stations.[citation needed] Phase 3 of Line 4 is now under construction.

The system will be expanded by three lines of conventional underground metro. Construction of the first line of metro (Line 1), with 18 stations and a length of Script error: No such module "convert"., started in 2011, and it is planned to open for service in 2020.[citation needed] Construction on a second metro line (Line 2) started in 2012.


Line Terminals
Opened Newest
     Line 3 Changchun Railway Station
2002 2006 31.9 33
     Line 4 Northern Stop of Changchun Railway Station
2011 18.7 16
Total 50.63 49

Line 3

  • The current alignment has 32 stations which include Changchun Train Station, Liaoning Rd, Furong Bridge, Xi'an Bridge, Nanchang Rd, Zhaoyang Bridge, Jiefang Bridge, Huxi Bridge, Kuanping Bridge, Fusong Rd, Nanhu Boulevard, Huguang Rd, Guigu Great Street, Qianjin Avenue, Qianjin Great Street, Weiming Street, Weiguang Street, Weixing Square, Ya Tai Great Street, Yitong River, Linhe Street, Xiantai Great Street, Exhibition Centre, Century Plaza, Chinese Medicine University, Dongbeishi, Buoxue Road, Nongbuo Garden, Jingyue Park, Cailin Rd, Fuzhu Rd, Skiing Field, Changying World Plaza.
  • The first train departs at 6:00. At 21:00 both last trains leave the termini at Changying World Plaza and Changchun Station.
  • There is a flat fare of 2 yuan from Changying World Plaza up to Fusong Rd, 3 yuan for Changying up to Linhe Street, and 4 yuan to all other stations. The same number of stations/fare is vice versa for Changchun Rail Station.

The History and Lines of the Changchun Rail Transit

File:Changchun Light Rail Transit Map (Future.png
Long-term plan of Changchun Light Rail Transit
  • October 2002: Line 3 (Phase 1) Changchun Station - Weiguangjie
  • 2006: Line 3 (Phase 2) Weiguangjie - Changying Century City
  • 2011: Line 4 Changchun station North Square - Chechang(Fuyu Village)
  • 2020: Line 1 Beihuan Lu - Chechang
  • 2020: Line 2 Xike - Dongfeng Square
  • 20??: Line 3 Changchun Station - Yongning Road
  • 20??: Line 5 Xinglongtuan - Fufengtuan


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