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Charlie (Hungarian singer)

Charlie (born as Károly Horváth in Ónod, Hungary 28 October 1947) is a Hungarian rock and soul singer. In 1978, he married Katalin, with whom he has a son called Ákos.

From the mid-1960s, he sang in Hungarian rock bands such as Decca and Olympia. He later joined rock band Generál. In 1989, he formed a soul act entitled "Tátrai Band" with guitarist Tibor Tátrai. Other members of the band included Géza Pálvölgyi, Kovács Tamás, Tátrai Tibor and Zsoldos Tamás [1]

In 1994, Charlie went solo and has released solo albums under his stage name of "Charlie", and most of them charted in the Hungarian charts. He was chosen to represent Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham, where he performed his song entitled "A holnap már nem lesz szomorú" (Sadness Will Be Over Tomorrow). He finished 23rd out of 25 with just four points[2]


  • Charlie (1994)
  • Mindenki valakié (1995)
  • Csak a zene van (1996)
  • Just Stay Who You Are (English language album) (1996)
  • Annyi minden történt (1997)
  • Fűszer cseppenként (1998)
  • Greatest Hits (compilation) (1999)
  • Jazz (2001)
  • Soul & Jazz (2002)
  • Majd játszom, mikor érzem (DVD) (2002)
  • Funky, Soul & Jazz (2003)
  • Trilógia (compilation) (2003)
  • Greatest Hits 2 (compilation) (2004)
  • Másképp ugyanúgy (2006)
  • Platina sorozat (compilation) (2006)

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