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Charlie Devens

Charles Devens (January 1, 1910 in Milton, Massachusetts – August 13, 2003 in Scarborough, Maine), was a Major League Baseball player who played pitcher from

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  2. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year. After pitching for Harvard he was signed in 1932 to the New York Yankees. At 92 years of age, Devens was the oldest surviving member of the famed 1932 world championship Yankees team and recalled with great detail [1] the now famous Babe Ruth's Called Shot


Signed in 1932 and leaving the team in 1934, Devens' Major league career was cut short by his future father-in-law who refused to have a ball player as a son in law. After his departure from the big leagues Devens established his reputation as a standout businessman in Boston. Given his short 3-year career Charlie Devens was only able to amass 82 innings pitched with only one start in 1934. At the conclusion of his career, Charlie held a 5 and 3 record with 31 strikeouts and a 3.73 ERA.


His granddaughter was Sarah Devens. She participated on three varsity teams at Dartmouth College: field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse. She was named a captain of all three teams and was considered by many teammates to be the best female athlete Dartmouth ever had.[1]


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