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Chasse et Pêche

Chasse et Pêche
Launched 2 April 1996
Slogan "La chaîne de toutes les chasses et de toutes les pêches"
Country France
Language French

132, avenue du Président Wilson

93213 La Plaine Saint-Denis

Chasse et Pêche is a French television channel dedicated to hunting and fishing.

History of the channel

Created in April 1996 for the AB Sat package, Chasse et Pêche is a channel dedicated to hunting and fishing for sport, and those who enjoy them.

Its main rival is the channel Seasons.


Chasse et Pêche is owned by AB Sat SA and has a budget of €24 million, provided 100% by AB Groupe.


The theme of the channel is all types of fishing and hunting around the world. With 20 hours per day of programming, Chasse et Pêche deals with all those who are interested in the topic, whether professional or amateur, as well as the landscape and nature in which they take place. The programming alternates hourly between hunting and fishing.


  • Pêche Passion is shown on Tuesday and Wednesday at 19:00
  • Chasse Passion is shown on Monday and Thursday at 18:30
  • Destination Pêche is shown on Thursday at 19:00
  • Celtic Nature is shown on Sunday at 19:30


Chasse et Pêche was originally only shown on AB Sat, but is now available through a contract on French, Belgian, and Swiss cable and on the AB Sat package only, since Nouveau Canalsat do not broadcast it, as it is in competition with their channel, Seasons.

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