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ChicagoNow logo
ChicagoNow logo
Web address
Slogan Where Chicago blogs.
Commercial? yes
Type of site
Blogging site
Registration optional
Available in English
Owner Tribune Media Group
Launched August 2009; 6 years ago (2009-08)
Alexa rank
17,834 (as of May 2013)[1]

ChicagoNow is a blogging site managed by Tribune Media Group, a subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune. It features a network of blogs of mainly local interest on a variety of topics ranging from crime to public schools to local politics.[2]

Notable ChicagoNow contributors include the staff of the Chicago Reporter,[3] and Shimer College president Susan Henking.[4]


ChicagoNow was launched in August 2009.[5][6] Its launch coincided with the Tribune company's bankruptcy.[7] As a newspaper-run blogging community, with the initial tagline "a blog by and for locals", it represented what one observer called "a new value proposition for newspapers".[7]

ChicagoNow utilized Movable Type as its blogging platform when it first launched but switched to WordPress in 2011.[8]

The website of the Tribune daily RedEye, which later moved to its own domain, was initially hosted on ChicagoNow.[9]


In April 2010, the World Editors Forum described ChicagoNow as a "hyperlocal blog network" that has "a personal quality that many larger newspapers lack."[10]

In September 2010, Time Out Chicago criticized ChicagoNow for hosting an unidentified police officer in what they called "a hate-filled, racist rant by blogger Joe the Cop, entitled The ghetto shooting template, for three days and counting now."[11] ChicagoNow removed the posts in question, stating that while they don't edit posts, they reserve the right to remove them.[12]


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