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Chile Davis Cup team

Captain Nicolas Massu
Coach Marcelo Rios
ITF ranking 49

Red & White

First year 1928
Years played 65
Ties played (W–L) 129 (70–59)
Years in
World Group
9 (3–9)
Davis Cup titles 0
Runners-up 1
Best finish 1976 Davis Cup
Most total wins Luis Ayala (37–14)
Most singles wins Luis Ayala (27–6)
Most doubles wins Hans Gildemeister (13–6)
Most ties played Patricio Cornejo (32)
Most years played Patricio Cornejo (16)

The Chile Davis Cup Team represents Chile in Davis Cup tennis tournament and is governed by Chile Tennis Federation. The team is currently captained by former Chilean tennis player Nicolás Massú. Currently, Chile is playing in the Americas Zone Group II.


Chile began playing at the Davis Cup in 1928, but they did not won a tie until 1933, away at Uruguay and not won a home tie until 1969, against Argentina. That was their only second home tie in their history.

The team's most successful performance at the Davis Cup was in 1976, when it lost 1–4 to the Italian team in the final held in Santiago, Chile. Since then, Chile reached the quarterfinals in three occasions: in 1982, losing 1-4 against Australia 1-4, in 2006 lost to USA 2-3, and in 2010 losing to the Czechs 1-4.

In the 2000s, thanks to the Olympic gold winners Nicolás Massú and Fernando González the Chilean team gained promotion to the World Group for the first time in 20 years, and played in there, every season excepting 2008. In the decade, Chile went to play 6 World Group playoffs, winning their 4 home ties, against Japan, Pakistan, Australia and Austria, and losing an away tie at Israel. In 2011 Chile lost 1-4 against both United States and Italy at home, and got relegated to the Americas Zone Group I. Later in 2012, they again lost 1-4 away at Italy, without Fernando González, retired, and Nicolás Massú, inactive, for the first time in 9 years. Chile went to lose at Ecuador and Dominican Republic in 2013 and got relegated to the Americas Zone Group II for the first time in 23 years. Chile lost at Barbados 2-3 and won at home against Paraguay 5-0 to remain in the Group II for the 2015 season.

Current team (2015)

Recent performances


Year Competition Date Location Opponent Score Result
2010 World Group, 1st Round 6–8 March Coquimbo (CHI) Template:Country data ISR 4–1 Win
World Group, Quarterfinals 9–11 July Coquimbo (CHI) 23x15px Czech Republic 1–4 Loss
2011 World Group, 1st Round 4–6 March Santiago (CHI) 23x15px United States 1–4 Loss
World Group Play-off 7–9 July Santiago (CHI) 23x15px Italy 1–4 Loss
2012 Americas Zone Group I, 2nd Round 6–8 April Montevideo (URU) 23x15px Uruguay 3–1 Win
World Group Play-off 14–16 September Napoli (ITA) 23x15px Italy 1–4 Loss
2013 Americas Zone Group I, 2nd Round 5–7 April Manta (ECU) 23x15px Ecuador 2–3 Loss
Americas Zone Group I, 2nd round play-off 13–15 September Santo Domingo Este (DOM) 23x15px Dominican Republic 1–4 Loss
2014 Americas Zone Group II, 1st Round 31 January–2 February Bridgetown (BAR) 23x15px Barbados 2–3 Loss
Americas Zone Group II Play-off 4–6 April Santiago (CHI) 23x15px Paraguay 5–0 Win
2015 Americas Zone Group II, 1st Round 6–8 March Santiago (CHI) 23x15px Peru 5–0 Win
Americas Zone Group II, 2nd Round 17–19 July Talcahuano, Concepción (CHI) 23x15px Mexico

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