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Chilean Brazilian

</table> A Chilean Brazilian (Portuguese: Chileno-brasileiro, Spanish: Chileno-brasileño) is a Brazilian citizen of full, partial, or predominantly Chilean ancestry or a Chile-born person who resides in Brazil. Emigration of Chileans has decreased during the last decade: It is estimated that 857,781 Chileans live abroad, 50.1% of those being in Argentina (the highest number), 13.3% in the Brazil and 8.8% in United States.

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Chilean Brazilian
Chileno-brasileiro  · Chileno-brasileño</caption>
Total population
600,000 Chilean Brazilians[1]
Regions with significant populations


Mainly Southeastern Brazil
Brazilian Portuguese · Chilean Spanish
Predominaltely Roman Catholicism,
Protestantism, Agnosticism, Atheism.
Related ethnic groups
other Brazilian and Chilean people, other Latin Americans
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