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Chondu the Mystic

Chondu the Mystic
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Tales of Suspense #9 (May 1960)
Created by Doug Wildley, George Evans
(monstrous form): Steve Gerber, Sal Buscema
In-story information
Full name Harvey Schlemerman
Team affiliations Headmen
Circus of Crime
Notable aliases Nighthawk, Bambi, Chondu the Magician, Chondu the Yogi
Abilities Minor magic manipulation

Chondu the Mystic, sometimes known as Chondu the Yogi, is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

Fictional character biography

Chondu was born Harvey Schlemerman in West Kingston, Rhode Island. Chondu was once a sideshow magician before becoming a professional criminal. He can cast minor magical spells and is a minor adept in the mystic arts.

In his first appearance, Chondu lectured on yoga, and sent escaped convict Joe Parker to Limbo.[1]

Chondu joined the Headmen, and caused an insanity-inducing "black rain."[2] Dr. Arthur Nagan transplanted Chondu's brain into the body of Nighthawk in the Headmen’s bid to exploit the abilities of the Defenders. Doctor Strange later mystically placed Chondu's consciousness within the body of a fawn. The Headmen then gave Chondu a monstrous, demonic-looking form with eight lampreys for arms, bat-wings, a horn from his skull, a forked tongue, and eagle’s feet. In this form, he had superhuman strength, could fly, and could constrict objects with his tentacle-like arms. This drove Chondu insane, and he battled the Valkyrie.[3] Alongside the Headmen, he later schemed to control the world, but was defeated by the Defenders.[4] With the Headmen, he became involved in a brawl at a "Bar With No Name."[5]

The Headmen later hired the Ringmaster's Circus of Crime to capture the She-Hulk. The Headmen placed Chondu's head onto a clone of her body, and used chemical means to restore his sanity. Chondu regained his sanity but was furious at being given a woman’s body. She-Hulk and Spider-Man battled the Headmen, and in the course of the fight, Chondu's head was knocked free from its new body. Chondu remained alive thanks to life-support equipment attached to his head.[6]

Powers and abilities

Chondu can perform minor magic tricks as he is a minor adept in the mystic arts.


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