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Sorority Year founded Active chapters & colonies
ΚΦ - Kappa Phi 1916 25 active in OH, OK, WV, NE, PA, MI, IL, FL, TX
ΑΔΧ - Alpha Delta Chi 1925 14 active in CA, GA, KY, IL, CO, OH, AL
ΦΒΧ - Phi Beta Chi 1978 11 active in IN, TX, IA, NC, AZ, MN, PA
EA - Elogeme Adolphi 1987 18 chapters in IL, FL, IN, GA, LA, 4 Alumni
ΣΦΛ - Sigma Phi Lambda 1988 31 in TX, OK, FL, AR, MO, MS, TN, VA, LA, AL
ANΩ - Alpha Nu Omega 1988 17 Undergraduate, 7 Alumni, in MD, DE, PA, DC, NJ, NY, OH, NC, FL, TN, IN, TX,
AΛΩ - Alpha Lambda Omega 1990 14 chapters in TX, OK, PA, MI
ΨΔX - Psi Delta Chi 1994 2 chapters in TN, WI
HIΣ - Eta Iota Sigma 1992 2 chapters in TX
ΣΑΩ - Sigma Alpha Omega 1998 35 in CA, DE, FL, GA, KY, MD, NC, NM, NY, OK, SC, TN, VA, WI
ΔΨΕ - Delta Psi Epsilon 1999 22 in AL, FL, GA, IN, IL, LA, MD, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX, VA
ZΦZ - Zeta Phi Zeta (Zeta Alpha Omicron) 2001 17 in IL, FL, AR, TX, IA, AL, OH
ΣΦΧ - Sigma Phi Chi 2001 1 in TX
ΠΙΧ - Pi Iota Chi 2001 3 in MI, GA
AΘΩ - Alpha Theta Omega 2002 17 in TN, MO, GA, AL,VA,TX, KS
ΛΟΧ - Lambda Omicron Chi 2002 3 in VA
ΓΑΛ - Gamma Alpha Lambda 2003 1 in MO
ΖΙΧ - Zeta Iota Chi 2003 1 in MO
HΓZ - Eta Gamma Zeta 2004 1 in IL
ΛΟΓ - Lambda Omicron Gamma 2005 1 in IL
- Alpha Omega 2005 7 in TX, VA
ΘΑ - Theta Alpha 2006 3 chapters, 1 colony in FL
ΔAX - Delta Alpha Chi 2006 1 in FL
ίχκ - Iota Chi Kappa 2007 8 in AL, GA, MA, MD, MS, NH, NY, R.I., SC, VA
AΨΓ - Alpha Psi Gamma 2007 1 in NC
ΘΧΓ - Theta Chi Gamma 2008 1 Chapter in AZ, 1 Chapter in TN, 1 Colony in GA, 1 Colony in NY
ΔΛΓ - Delta Lambda Gamma 2008 1 Chapter in MI
ΔΦΨ - Delta Phi Psi 2008 1 Chapter, 1 Colony in NY, NJ, VA
ΘΣΛ - Theta Sigma Lambda 2008 6- Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, St. Louis
ΔAΩ - Delta Alpha Omega 2009 8 in MO, IL, MI, LA, TX, CA, OH, IN
ΘΦΣ - Theta Phi Sigma 2009 International
ΣΩΜ - Sigma Omega Mu 2010 2 in MO, 1 Nation wide chapter
TPO - Tau Rho Omicron 2011 2 in FL, TN
ΖΝΔ - Zeta Nu Delta 2013 1 in NC, 1 Nationwide Chapter

While the traditional women's fraternity or sorority was founded well before the start of the 20th century, the first ever Christian sorority was founded at UCLA in 1925 by ten women and named Alpha Delta Chi.


Alpha Delta Chi – the beginning

Traditionally, the Christian sorority has followed the Christian fraternity in founding except in the case of Alpha Delta Chi. The sorority was founded in 1925 and Alpha Gamma Omega was founded in 1927, two years later also at UCLA.

These Christian Greek Organizations enjoyed local success in their early years but they did not experience the national growth seen by more traditional Greek organizations.

1980s resurgence

A more novel situation occurred in 1987 when Chi Alpha Omega was founded as a co-educational Christian Greek Organization. It wasn't until 1998 that Sigma Alpha Omega broke off as a women's only ministry. Sigma Alpha Omega now has a national president, a national board of trustees, and has grown to include 35 chapters throughout the country.[1]

In 1988, the founding of Sigma Phi Lambda on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin sparked new growth for the Christian sorority. "Phi Lamb" was founded by women who saw brotherhood in Beta Upsilon Chi and wished to create a female counterpart, since BYX was a male-only organization. Sigma Phi Lambda today has an executive director, national board of directors, and regional directors, and is the largest Christian social sorority in the nation with thirty-one chapters.[2](Kappa Phi club is at twenty-four campuses; however, Kappa Phi club is not a social sorority).

Recent sorority additions

There has been a surge in the multicultural community of Christian sororities as well, with the beginning of sororities such as Alpha Lambda Omega Christian Sorority, Inc. (1990), Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc. (1999), Psi Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. (1994), Pi Iota Chi Christian Multicultural Sorority, Inc. (2001), Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority, Inc. (2002), Zeta Iota Chi Christian Sorority, Inc (2003), Theta Sigma Lambda Christian Sorority, Inc. (2008), Delta Phi Psi Christian Sorority, Inc.(2008) is a member of Association of Fraternal Christian Organizations and Ministries and Tau Rho Omicron Christian Sorority, Inc. is a Christian Sorority for Business and Professional Women (2011).

In 1999, Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc. was founded to give Christian women an opportunity to experience Greek life without having to compromise their values. The sorority was founded by Founders Carla Griffith, Vila-Sheree Watson and Nicole Parham Gardner. The sorority purpose is to spread the love of Christ and evangelize the world for His purpose. The premier organization for Christian women, Delta Psi Epsilon is also a charter member of the United Council of Christian Fraternities and Sororities, Inc. Also known as Women of Deliverance, Power and Enlightenment, Delta Psi Epsilon is founded on the tenets of faith, wisdom, honor and sisterhood.

The year 2007 brought the formation of Iota Chi Kappa Christian Sorority (IXK), which did not have any secret rituals or tenets. Its founder, Eboni L. Truss, a former member of a national secular sorority, decided in her study of the Bible that secret societies were not of God. She subsequently sought to establish an organization based solely on the Word of God. Since then, Iota Chi Kappa has carved a niche for itself among other great Christian sororities, seeking to keep women on fire for God, spurring them on to continuous growth in Him. While collegiate chapters are welcomed, IXK is uniquely known for being one of the first organizations to also assemble community-based chapters. IXK was incorporated June 30, 2010.[3]

Christian Business Women Society, Inc., better known as Tau Rho Omicron Christian Sorority, is a national sorority for Christian business and professional women. Tau Rho is referred to as a society because of its unique balance between ministry, Greek life, business, and governmental focus. Tau Rho Omicron Christian Sorority was founded on September 16, 2011 by Visionary Founder Freda Stevens and Toni Seaton. On December 6, 2011, Tau Rho Omicron Christian Sorority was incorporated. The fivefold foundations of Tau Rho Omicron Christian Sorority, Inc., are Stewardship, Service, Teaching, Giving, and Dominion.

Non-conventional Christian sororities

Theta Sigma Lambda Christian Sorority, Inc.[4] was founded in 2008 by Michelle Roberts of Dayton, Ohio. The organization is a Multicultural, Christian Sorority with no hidden agenda. The vision of TSL is to bring all of God's daughters back into fellowship with Him, while inspiring Purpose & Joy! Theta Sigma Lambda Christian Sorority is a NON-Collegiate organization, as they feel every ordinary, Extraordinary Woman of God should be able to enjoy being a part of a sisterhood, without prejudice.[5]

In 2008 Mario Jimerson Founded a Christian Fraternity and Sorority under the name of Theta Chi Gamma Christian Fellowship. He wanted to create an organization that was not bound to conventional ideas. His organization would embrace the whole community. Those who were working professionals, those who never attended college and for those who were in college.

Founded in 2008 Delta Phi Psi Christian Sorority, Inc. emerged to give all women an opportunity to experience the Greek process without hazing. Its founders De'Alleashea James, Kimberly A. Johnson, LaVonne Bost-Barksdale and Gail Edwards wanted to make sure women who did not have a college degree, but wanted to give back and serve the Lord could be a part of an awesome experience. As God accepts all people no matter the color, race, creed, age or background Delta Phi Psi is inclusive. These sisters do not believe in excluding woman because they lack what society, and some traditional sororities feel they lack in order to be included in what is supposed to be open to all of God's children. The Sorors of Delta Phi Psi welcomes all women with open arms Delta Phi Psi Christian Sorority, Inc. Facebook Page.[6]

Delta Alpha Omega (aka Devoted to Alpha & Omega)was birthed out on November 7, 2009 in Saint Louis, MO. The Holy Ghost had given a divine concept to the ministry's visionary. The ultimate desire was that women of all would come to the full knowledge of who they truly are and that is royalty; in doing so, believing they would develop a divine spiritual connection in sisterhood that was full of love, fellowship, praise and worship all in the name of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. This would also allow women to walk, talk and act the way a virtuous woman should without compromising her beliefs, integrity and character. It is truly a women’s ministry/sisterhood that women can come together as one, pray as one, fast as one, and serve as one in the community.

Theta Phi Sigma Christian Sorority, Inc. also known as The Pink Society, was founded in 2009 in Montgomery, Al by Jessica Martin. This organization is to combat teen pregnancy and school drop out rates (high school and college). Their organization is for women from all walks of life that are interested in music, the arts, education, whole woman health, and spiritual development. Jessica Martin was a 2010 recipient for the Montgomery Advertiser's MLK Honors Award to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream. Theta Phi Sigma Inc. gained the membership of their Honorary sister Lisa McClendon of Blu Soul Entertainment in 2009. Their vision is to establish chapters in the United States as well as internationally. In 2010, a 501(3)c non-profit organization.

The Daughters of Christ, Inc. (a.k.a. The Daughters of Christ "SOARority") was founded and launched by Darnella Moore (in the Christian ministry circle, she is also known as Evangelist Darnella Moore, The Daughter of Christ). The Daughters of Christ Soarority ("The DsOC") is a love-driven, Christ-centered and ministry focused Society of women whose divine mission is to create, develop and perpetuate Christian love and unity with her Lord, herself, and others while serving her community. The organization's headquarters is located in the Northern Virginia part of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Membership is publicly open to Christian women of all denominations. The DsOC Sorority is currently open to online membership through The Daughter of Christ Sorority Facebook Fan Page. The DsOC Soarority launched its Hampton Roads, VA Chapter (to include the cities of Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg) on May 29, 2010 and is steadily working on its goal is to establish regional and international chapters throughout the United States and abroad. Ten (10) members are required to begin a local chapter. Visit The DsOC's Blog at

Zeta Nu Delta Christian Sorority was incorporated in the state of North Carolina on October 10, 2013.

General structure

Today, most national Christian sororities have a national organization, national board of directors, national executive director and alumnae bases.

Ministry focus

These sororities focus on internal discipleship and growth and using their resources for the Evangelical concept of evangelism to the outside community.

The vast majority of these organizations concentrate on the concept of Christian accountability and have programs designed to address this issue including Cable Groups with Sigma Phi Lambda, and Accountability Groups with Theta Alpha.

There is also great emphasis placed on Spiritual growth and development of members. Many Christian sororities endeavoring to minister to its members have installed national programs to do just that, such as Corporate Prayer & Rhema Bible study with Iota Chi Kappa.

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