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Christopher H. Browne

Christopher H. Browne (1946 - December 13, 2009) was a famous value investor.[1]


Early life

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1969 with a B.A. in history.[2]


He started his career at the firm Tweedy, Browne, a favorite brokerage firm among prominent value investors like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett.[1] His success as an investor and shareholder, who held business management accountable, was renowned. For example, since their inception in 1993, both Tweedy, Browne's Value and Global Value Funds have outperformed market averages.[1] Also, as a shareholder, he was the first to publicly suspect Conrad Black's dubious lavish spending and embezzlement from Hollinger. Browne was often known as one of the best value investors ever.[1]

In 2006 he authored a book, The Little Book of Value Investing, in order to teach ordinary investors how to value invest.[3]


He has donated $25 million to establish several endowed professorships at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a trustee, including the professorships held by Amy Gutmann and Rogers Smith.[2] Upon his death, Christopher Browne was survived by his partner, Andrew S. Gordon, who then died on September 7, 2013.[4]


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