List of cities in Portugal

This is a list of cities in Portugal. In Portugal, a city (Portuguese: cidade) is an honorific term given to locations that meet several criteria, such as having a minimum number of inhabitants, good infrastructure (schools, medical care, cultural and sports facilities), or have a major historical importance. The country's demographic expansion of the 1980s prompted the elevation of several towns to city status and, as of 2006, 151 locations in Portugal are considered a city.


In Portugal, the city is not an administrative division, therefore a city generally does not necessarily correspond to a municipality, with the exception of the entirely urban municipalities, such as Lisbon, Porto, Funchal, Amadora, Entroncamento, and São João da Madeira.

The municipality with the most cities is Paredes Municipality, which contains four cities.

Until 1910, a location was proclaimed city by royal charter, which happened 25 times to current Portuguese cities (royal charters were also granted to cities of the Portuguese Empire; for example, São Paulo in 1711). During the Portuguese First Republic, the process was transferred to the parliament, which elevated three towns to the category of city. The dictatorial Estado Novo regime proclaimed seven cities on the Portuguese mainland (as well as some more in the colonies), this time by government decree. After the 1974 Carnation Revolution, proclamation of cities returned to parliament and now, Portugal has 156 cities, one of the consequences being that the title no longer holds the prestige it once had.

Eight locations have been always considered cities since Portugal became an independent kingdom (de facto 1128): Braga, Coimbra, Lamego, Porto and Viseu, as well as Évora, Lisbon and Silves, which were annexed at a later date. Guarda was the first city proclaimed as part of the independent kingdom, in 1199.

The most recent cities were proclaimed on 12 June 2009: Valença, Senhora da Hora, São Pedro do Sul, Samora Correia, and Borba.

The most populous cities are: Lisbon (Lisboa), Oporto (Porto), Braga, Amadora, Gaia, Queluz, Funchal, Coimbra, Setubal, Agualva-Cacem and Almada.


Coat of Arms City Municipality Population[1] A city since
<center>Abrantes 18,600 <center>1916-06-14
50px <center>Agualva-Cacém <center>Sintra <center>121,000 <center>2001-07-12
50px <center> Águeda <center>Águeda <center>11,357 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Albufeira <center>Albufeira <center>16,237 <center>1986-08-20
50px <center> Alcácer do Sal <center>Alcácer do Sal <center>9,118 <center>1997-07-12
50px <center>Alcobaça <center>Alcobaça <center>15,800 <center>1995-08-30
50px <center>Almada <center>Almada <center>101,500 <center>1973-06-16
50px <center> Almeirim <center>Almeirim <center>11,607 <center>1991-08-16
50px <center> Alverca do Ribatejo <center>Vila Franca de Xira <center>31,070 <center>1990-08-09
50px <center> Amadora <center>Amadora <center>175,135 <center>1979-09-17
50px <center> Amarante <center>Amarante <center>11,000 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Amora <center>Seixal <center> 48,629 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Anadia <center>Anadia <center>3,533 <center>2004-12-09
50px <center> Angra do Heroísmo <center>Angra do Heroísmo <center>21,200 <center>1534-08-21
50px <center> Aveiro <center>Aveiro <center>67,003 <center>1759-04-11
50px <center> Barcelos <center>Barcelos <center>20,000 <center>1928-09-06
50px <center> Barreiro <center>Barreiro <center>78,764 <center>1984-06-28
50px <center> Beja <center>Beja <center>23,475 <center>1521-04-10
50px <center> Braga <center>Braga <center>143,532 <center>20 BCE
50px <center> Bragança <center>Bragança <center>19,998 <center>1464-02-23
50px <center> Caldas da Rainha <center>Caldas da Rainha <center>30,006 <center>1927-08-26
50px <center> Câmara de Lobos <center>Câmara de Lobos <center>16,842 <center>1996-08-02
50px <center> Caniço <center>Santa Cruz <center>11,586 <center>2005-06-09
50px <center> Cantanhede <center>Cantanhede <center>7,066 <center>1991-08-16
50px <center> Cartaxo <center>Cartaxo <center>10,115 <center>1995-08-30
50px <center> Castelo Branco <center>Castelo Branco <center>34,525 <center>1771-03-20
50px <center> Chaves <center>Chaves <center>19,307 <center>1929-03-18
50px <center> Coimbra <center>Coimbra <center>102,455 <center>c. 200 BCE
50px <center> Costa da Caparica <center>Almada <center>14,100 <center>2004-12-09
50px <center> Covilhã <center>Covilhã <center>36,147 <center>1870-10-20
50px <center> Elvas <center>Elvas <center>28,106 <center>1513-04-03
50px <center> Entroncamento <center>Entroncamento <center>20,065 <center>1991-08-16
50px <center> Ermesinde <center>Valongo <center>40,139 <center>1990-08-10
50px <center> Esmoriz <center>Ovar <center>11,200 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Espinho <center>Espinho <center>10,500 <center>1973-06-16
50px <center> Esposende <center>Esposende <center>9,148 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Estarreja <center>Estarreja <center>7,000 <center>2004-12-09
50px <center>Estremoz <center>Estremoz <center>9,011 <center>1926-08-31
50px <center> Évora <center>Évora <center>46,417 <center>c. 600 BCE
50px <center> Fafe <center>Fafe <center>15,323 <center>1986-08-23
50px <center> Faro <center>Faro <center>43,757 <center>1540-09-07
50px <center> Fátima <center>Ourém <center>10,302 <center>1997-07-12
50px <center> Felgueiras <center>Felgueiras <center>15,100 <center>1990-08-10
50px <center> Figueira da Foz <center>Figueira da Foz <center>36,500 <center>1882-09-20
50px <center> Fiães <center>Santa Maria da Feira <center>13,100 <center>2001-07-12
50px <center> Freamunde <center>Paços de Ferreira <center>7,452 <center>2001-07-12
50px <center> Funchal <center>Funchal <center> 111,892 <center>1508-08-21
50px <center> Fundão <center>Fundão <center>8,957 <center>1988-04-19
50px <center> Gafanha da Nazaré <center>Ílhavo <center>14,021 <center>2001-07-21
50px <center> Gandra <center>Paredes <center>5,200 <center>2003-08-26
50px <center> Gondomar <center>Gondomar <center>25,000 <center>1991-08-16
50px <center> Gouveia <center>Gouveia <center>3,500 <center>1988-02-01
50px <center> Guarda <center>Guarda <center>32,274 <center>1199-11-27
50px <center> Guimarães <center>Guimarães <center>66,912 <center>1853-06-23
<center>Horta <center>9,000 <center>1833-07-04
50px <center> Ílhavo <center>Ílhavo <center>17,200 <center>1990-08-09
50px <center> Lagoa <center>Lagoa <center>5,000 <center>2001-07-12
50px <center> Lagos <center>Lagos <center>20,000 <center>1573-01-27
50px <center> Lamego <center>Lamego <center>12,000 <center>c. 200 CE
50px <center> Leiria <center>Leiria <center>50,264 <center>1545-06-13
50px <center> Lisbon <center>Lisbon <center>547,631 <center>c. 800 BCE
50px <center> Lixa <center>Felgueiras <center>5,500 <center>1995-08-30
50px <center> Loulé <center>Loulé <center>24,000 <center>1988-02-01
50px <center> Loures <center>Loures <center>26,000 <center> <center>1990-08-09
50px <center> Lourosa <center>Santa Maria da Feira <center>11,300 <center>2001-07-12
50px <center> Macedo de Cavaleiros <center>Macedo de Cavaleiros <center>7,800 <center>1999-06-24
50px <center> Maia <center>Maia <center>40,000 <center>1986-08-23
50px <center> Mangualde <center>Mangualde <center>8,107 <center>2001-07-12
50px <center> Marco de Canaveses <center>Marco de Canaveses <center>9,000 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Marinha Grande <center>Marinha Grande <center>29,100 <center>1988-04-19
50px <center> Matosinhos <center>Matosinhos <center>49,486 <center>1984-06-28
50px <center> Mealhada <center>Mealhada <center>5,500 <center>2003-08-26
50px <center> Mêda <center>Mêda <center>2,004 <center>2004-12-09
50px <center>Miranda do Douro <center>Miranda do Douro <center>2,000 <center>1545-07-10
50px <center> Mirandela <center>Mirandela <center>11,000 <center>1984-06-28
50px <center> Montemor-o-Novo <center>Montemor-o-Novo <center>14,000 <center>1988-04-18
50px <center> Montijo <center>Montijo <center>30,486 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Moura <center>Moura <center>10,000 <center>1988-02-01
50px <center> Odivelas <center>Odivelas <center>59,559 <center>1990-08-10
50px <center> Olhão da Restauração <center>Olhão <center>31,100 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Oliveira de Azeméis <center>Oliveira de Azeméis <center>15,000 <center>1984-05-16
50px <center> Oliveira do Bairro <center>Oliveira do Bairro <center>5,005 <center>2003-08-26
50px <center> Oliveira do Hospital <center>Oliveira do Hospital <center>4,400 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Ourém <center>Ourém <center>11,100 <center>1991-08-16
50px <center> Ovar <center>Ovar <center>18,900 <center>1984-06-28
50px <center> Paços de Ferreira <center>Paços de Ferreira <center>9,000 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Paredes <center>Paredes <center>12,500 <center>1991-08-16
50px <center> Penafiel <center>Penafiel <center>10,000 <center>1770-03-03
50px <center> Peniche <center>Peniche <center>17,500 <center>1988-02-01
50px <center> Peso da Régua <center>Peso da Régua <center>10,000 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Pinhel <center>Pinhel <center>3,500 <center>1770-08-25
50px <center> Pombal <center>Pombal <center>18,500 <center>1991-08-16
50px <center> Ponta Delgada <center>Ponta Delgada <center>46,102 <center>1546-04-02
50px <center> Ponte de Sor <center>Ponte de Sor <center>11,000 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Portalegre <center>Portalegre <center>15,700 <center>1550-05-23
50px <center> Portimão <center>Portimão <center>45,431 <center>1924-12-11
50px <center> Porto <center>Porto <center>237,559 <center>c. 275 BCE
50px <center> Vila Baleira (a.k.a. Porto Santo) <center>Porto Santo <center>4,475 <center>1996-08-02
50px <center> Póvoa de Santa Iria <center>Vila Franca de Xira <center>28,000 <center>1999-06-24
50px <center> Póvoa de Varzim <center>Póvoa de Varzim <center>38,257 <center>1973-06-16
50px <center> Praia da Vitória <center>Praia da Vitória <center>6,500 <center>1981-06-20
50px <center> Quarteira <center>Loulé <center>21,000 <center>1999-06-24
50px <center> Queluz <center>Sintra <center>75,179 <center>1997-07-24
50px <center> Rebordosa <center>Paredes <center>12,100 <center>2003-08-26
50px <center> Reguengos de Monsaraz <center>Reguengos de Monsaraz <center>7,900 <center>2004-12-09
50px <center> Ribeira Grande <center>Ribeira Grande <center>6,350 <center>1981-06-29
50px <center> Rio Maior <center>Rio Maior <center>11,102 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Rio Tinto <center>Gondomar <center> 64,815 <center>1995-08-30
50px <center> Sabugal <center>Sabugal <center>2,300 <center>2004-12-09
50px <center> Sacavém <center>Loures <center>17,000 <center>1997-06-04
50px <center> Santa Comba Dão <center>Santa Comba Dão <center>3,200 <center>1999-06-24
50px <center> Santa Cruz <center>Santa Cruz <center>6,500 <center>1996-08-02
50px <center> Santa Maria da Feira <center>Santa Maria da Feira <center>16,900 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Santana <center>Santana <center>3,300 <center>2001-01-01
50px <center> Santarém <center>Santarém <center>30,100 <center>1868-12-24
50px <center> Santiago do Cacém <center>Santiago do Cacém <center>7,753 <center>1991-08-16
50px <center> Santo Tirso <center>Santo Tirso <center>14,100 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> São João da Madeira <center>São João da Madeira <center>21,102 <center>1984-06-28
50px <center> São Mamede de Infesta <center>Matosinhos <center>27,000 <center>2001-07-12
50px <center> São Salvador de Lordelo <center>Paredes <center>11,000 <center>2003-08-26
50px <center> Seia <center>Seia <center>7,000 <center>1986-08-23
50px <center> Seixal <center>Seixal <center>31,101 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Serpa <center>Serpa <center>9,990 <center>2003-08-26
50px <center> Setúbal <center>Setúbal <center> 90,640 <center>1860-04-19
50px <center> Silves <center>Silves <center>11,000 <center>c. 0 CE
50px <center> Sines <center>Sines <center>15,555 <center>1997-07-12
50px <center> Tarouca <center>Tarouca <center>3,200 <center>2004-12-09
50px <center> Tavira <center>Tavira <center>13,300 <center>1520-03-16
50px <center> Tomar <center>Tomar <center>20,000 <center>1844-02-12
50px <center> Tondela <center>Tondela <center>10,120 <center>1988-02-01
50px <center> Torres Novas <center>Torres Novas <center>14,900 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Torres Vedras <center>Torres Vedras <center>27,200 <center>1979-02-03
50px <center> Trancoso <center>Trancoso <center>3,350 <center>2004-12-09
50px <center> Trofa <center>Trofa <center>22,000 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Valbom <center>Gondomar <center>14,100 <center>2004-12-09
50px <center> Vale de Cambra <center>Vale de Cambra <center>4,200 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Valongo <center>Valongo <center>27,900 <center>1990-08-10
50px <center> Valpaços <center>Valpaços <center>4,102 <center>1999-06-24
50px <center> Vendas Novas <center>Vendas Novas <center>10,103 <center>1993-07-02
50px <center> Viana do Castelo <center>Viana do Castelo <center>36,750 <center>1848-01-20
50px <center> Vila do Conde <center>Vila do Conde <center>32,257 <center>1988-02-01
50px <center> Vila Franca de Xira <center>Vila Franca de Xira <center>19,000 <center>1984-06-28
50px <center> Vila Nova de Famalicão <center>Vila Nova de Famalicão <center>30,100 <center>1985-08-14
50px <center> Vila Nova de Foz Côa <center>Vila Nova de Foz Côa <center>3,303 <center>1997-07-12
50px <center> Vila Nova de Gaia <center>Vila Nova de Gaia <center>186,503 <center>1984-06-28
50px <center> Vila Nova de Santo André <center>Santiago do Cacém <center>12,123 <center>2003-08-26
50px <center> Vila Real <center>Vila Real <center>27,250 <center>1925-07-20
50px <center> Vila Real de Santo António <center>Vila Real de Santo António <center>11,000 <center>1988-04-19
50px <center> Viseu <center>Viseu <center>66,143 <center> c. 0 CE
50px <center> Vizela <center>Vizela <center>10,100 <center>1998-09-01


  1. ^ Although the cities list does not indicate the cities' population, it indicates the parishes that compose them, therefore, this number is the sum of the population of the parishes. The population data was taken from the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities and is from 2004.
  • Except the city of Figueira da Foz

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