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Citizens' Movement (Iceland)

Citizens' Movement
Chairperson Friðrik Þór Guðmundsson
Vice-chairperson Björg Sigurðardóttir
Colours Orange
Seats in the parliament
0 / 63
Politics of Iceland
Political parties

The Citizens' Movement (Icelandic: Borgarahreyfingin) was a political party in Iceland, founded by a number of grassroots movements in the lead up to the 2009 election[1] during the Global Recession, which hit Iceland particularly hard.

In the election, the Citizens' Movement won 4 out of 63 seats in Althingi, the Icelandic Parliament. The elected members were

The party had no leader, but rather was led collectively by three people each with a different responsibility. The party supports radical change at the government level in response to the recession.

On 14 August 2009 Þráinn Bertelsson left the party to sit as an independent. On 18 September 2009 the remaining three members left the party to create a new party, Hreyfingin (The Movement), and so the Citizens' Movement is no longer represented in the Althingi.

Election results

Election Votes Vote % Seats Place
2009 13,519 11px 7.2 11px
4 / 63
5th 11px


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