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College World Series Most Outstanding Player

College World Series Most Outstanding Player
Awarded for Best player in the College World Series
Country United States
First awarded 1949
Currently held by
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The College World Series Most Outstanding Player is an award for the best individual performance during the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. The recipient of the award is announced at the completion of the College World Series Championship Game. The award is similar to Major League Baseball's World Series Most Valuable Player award.

Since 1999, the winner of the award has received a miniature replica of "The Road to Omaha" sculpture, which is situated at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha. The award measures 16 inches high.[1] There have been 10 recipients of this award who were on not on the winning team of the College World Series. The College World Series started in 1947 but the award was not given out until 1949.

Voting process

The press attending the championship series vote on the Most Outstanding Player during the game. In the fifth inning, ballots are distributed. The voting is closed by the eighth inning. The Most Outstanding Player is announced following the awarding of trophies to the runner-up and championship teams. If a third game of the championship series is necessary, the ballots taken during the second game are discarded, and a new round of balloting is conducted during the third and deciding game.


Year Links to the article about that corresponding College World Series
Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Indicates team did not win the series
Year Name Position School
1949 Hamilton, TomTom Hamilton First baseman Texas
1950 VanCleef, RayRay VanCleef Outfielder Rutgers§
1951 Hatfield, SidneySidney Hatfield Pitcher / First baseman Tennessee§
1952 O'Neill, JamesJames O'Neill Pitcher Holy Cross
1953 Smith, J. L.J. L. Smith Pitcher Texas§
1954 Yewcic, TomTom Yewcic Catcher Michigan State§
1955 Borland, TomTom Borland Pitcher Oklahoma A&M§
1956 Thomas, JerryJerry Thomas Pitcher Minnesota
1957 Emery, CalCal Emery Pitcher / First baseman Penn State§
1958 Thom, BillBill Thom Pitcher Southern California
1959 Dobson, JimJim Dobson Third baseman Oklahoma State
1960 Erickson, JohnJohn Erickson Second baseman Minnesota
1961 Fowler, LittletonLittleton Fowler Pitcher Oklahoma State§
1962 Garibaldi, BobBob Garibaldi Pitcher Santa Clara§
1963 Hollowell, BudBud Hollowell Catcher Southern California
1964 Ferris, JoeJoe Ferris Pitcher Maine§
1965 Bando, SalSal Bando Third baseman Arizona State
1966 Arlin, SteveSteve Arlin Pitcher Ohio State
1967 Davini, RonRon Davini Catcher Arizona State
1968 Seinsoth, BillBill Seinsoth First baseman Southern California
1969 Dolinsek, JohnJohn Dolinsek Outfielder Arizona State
1970 Ammann, GeneGene Ammann Pitcher Florida State§
1971 Tabb, JerryJerry Tabb First baseman Tulsa§
1972 McQueen, RussRuss McQueen Pitcher Southern California
1973 Winfield, DaveDave WinfieldFile:Dagger-14-plain.png Pitcher / Outfielder Minnesota§
1974 Milke, GeorgeGeorge Milke Pitcher Southern California
1975 Reichenbach, MickeyMickey Reichenbach First baseman Texas
1976 Powers, SteveSteve Powers Pitcher / Designated hitter Arizona
1977 Horner, BobBob Horner Third baseman Arizona State
1978 Boxberger, RodRod Boxberger Pitcher Southern California
1979 Hudson, TonyTony Hudson Pitcher Cal State Fullerton
1980 Francona, TerryTerry Francona Outfielder Arizona
1981 Holmes, StanStan Holmes Outfielder Arizona State
1982 Smith, DanDan Smith Pitcher Miami
1983 Schiraldi, CalvinCalvin Schiraldi Pitcher Texas
1984 Fishel, JohnJohn Fishel First baseman / Outfielder Cal State Fullerton
1985 Ellena, GregGreg Ellena Designated hitter Miami
1986 Senne, MikeMike Senne Outfielder Arizona
1987 Carey, PaulPaul Carey Outfielder Stanford
1988 Plemel, LeeLee Plemel Pitcher Stanford
1989 Brummett, GregGreg Brummett Pitcher Wichita State
1990 Rebhan, MikeMike Rebhan Pitcher Georgia
1991 Hymel, GaryGary Hymel Catcher LSU
1992 Nevin, PhilPhil Nevin Third baseman Cal State Fullerton§
1993 Walker, ToddTodd Walker Second baseman LSU
1994 Glass, ChipChip Glass Outfielder Oklahoma
1995 Kotsay, MarkMark Kotsay Outfielder / Pitcher Cal State Fullerton
1996 Burrell, PatPat Burrell Outfielder Miami§
1997 Larson, BrandonBrandon Larson Shortstop LSU
1998 Rachels, WesWes Rachels Second baseman Southern California
1999 McDougall, MarshallMarshall McDougall Second baseman Florida State§
2000 Hodges, TreyTrey Hodges Pitcher LSU
2001 Jimerson, CharltonCharlton Jimerson Outfielder Miami
2002 Street, HustonHuston Street Pitcher / Infielder Texas
2003 Hudgins, JohnJohn Hudgins Pitcher Stanford§
2004 Windsor, JasonJason Windsor Pitcher Cal State Fullerton
2005 Maroul, DavidDavid Maroul Third baseman Texas
2006 Nickerson, JonahJonah Nickerson Pitcher Oregon State
2007 Reyes, JorgeJorge Reyes Pitcher Oregon State
2008 Mendonca, TommyTommy Mendonca Third baseman Fresno State
2009 Mitchell, JaredJared Mitchell Outfielder LSU
2010 Bradley, Jr., JackieJackie Bradley, Jr. Outfielder South Carolina
2011 Wingo, ScottScott Wingo Second baseman South Carolina
2012 Refsnyder, RobRob Refsnyder Outfielder Arizona
2013 Plutko, AdamAdam Plutko Pitcher UCLA
2014 Swanson, DansbyDansby Swanson Second baseman Vanderbilt

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