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Colombian Sign Language

Colombian Sign Language
Lengua de Señas Colombiana
Native to Colombia
Native speakers
(no estimate available)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 csn
Glottolog colo1249[2]

Colombian Sign Language (Spanish: Lengua de Señas Colombiana (LSC)) is the deaf sign language of Colombia.


The development of the signs have influences of Spanish sign language and American Sign Language.[citation needed] It is reported to have signs in common with Salvadoran Sign Language.[1]


There are two sign language schools in Bogotá (the first started in 1929), two in Medellín and one in Cali. Countrywide, three different institutions of support for deaf promotes the learning of the language. The national Committee for the sign language promotes the research in the area, distributes the manual alphabet for spelling and the Grammar Dictionary and supports the organization for sign language teachers. The now defunct national central of telecommunications TELECOM distributed a CD-ROM software for self-learning.


There is a growing interest for learning the sign language between the hearing people. Some schools use sign language in the classroom. Interpreters are provided at important public events, and for college students.

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