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Comet Ikeya–Murakami

P/2010 V1 (Ikeya–Murakami)
Discovered by Kaoru Ikeya and Shigeki Murakami
Discovery date November 3, 2010
Orbital characteristics A
Orbital period 5.29[1]

Comet Ikeya–Murakami (P/2010 V1) is a short-period comet with period of approximately 5.29 years[1] first identified independently by the two Japanese amateur astronomers Kaoru Ikeya and Shigeki Murakami on November 3, 2010.[2][3] Ikeya identified the comet using a 25-cm (10-inch) reflector at 39x, while Murakami used a 46-cm (18-inch) reflector at 78x.[2] Photographic confirmation of the comet was obtained by Ernesto Guido and Giovanni Sostero using a Global-Rent-a-Scope (GRAS) telescope in New Mexico. Both Ikeya and Murakami discovered the comet using manual observation through optical telescopes. Such visual discoveries have become rare in recent years.[2]


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