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Comet Queen

Comet Queen
Comet Queen's first appearance in Legion of Super-Heroes #304.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 2, #304 (October 1983)
Created by Keith Giffen (plot, pencils)
Paul Levitz (script)
Larry Mahlstedt (inks)
In-story information
Alter ego Grava
Species Unspecified
Place of origin Colony Extal (Quaal III)
Team affiliations Legion of Super-Heroes
Abilities Unaided flight, ability to survive in a vacuum, resistance to damage, ability to emit comet-like gases

Comet Queen is a fictional superhero in the DC Universe. She was an ally of the Legion of Super-Heroes prior to Zero Hour.

Fictional character biography

Pre-Zero Hour

Grava of the Earth colony Extal is a long-time fan of Star Boy, and wants desperately to become a member of the Legion. Hoping to gain superpowers she foolishly jumps from a space ship into the tail of a passing comet - failing to realize that Star Boy had flown through a particular comet while inside a starship, rather than unprotected by anything more than a futuristic space-suit. Fortunately for her this ploy works and the comet gives her the ability to fly in the vacuum of space as well as the ability to emit various "comet-like gases."

The comet tail also alters Grava's physical form, giving her hair the appearance of streaming flames; presented as nominally humanoid in flashback, her father appears to be some species derived from something akin to rats, and this would suggest she was of mixed parentage or possibly adopted.

In Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #336 (June 1986), reserve Legionnaire Bouncing Boy describes to his comrade Superboy how he came to meet the young heroine while he was on a goodwill tour to a planet called Quaal III; Comet Queen ambushes him in the hotel and introduces herself, declaring him her very own "personal Legionnaire." Bouncing Boy rejects Comet Queen's initial bid for membership on the grounds that she hasn't proven herself. Later, he finds out from several hotel guests, including Grava's own father, that the girl has gone off in a fit of dejection to search for Quaal III's lava seas to seek out the planet's mythical natives, as a "super-feat" to prove herself worthy - mirroring Supergirl's bid to join the Legion by excavating various Earthling artifacts. Instead, Bouncing Boy and Comet Queen end up in a near-death situation until they work together, combining their powers, and finding an escape.

As a result of Comet Queen's adventure with Bouncing Boy, she is accepted into the Legion Academy training program, located at Montauk Point (a safe distance from the Legion itself) and taught by Bouncing Boy and his wife Duo Damsel. It is here that she becomes friends with other Legion hopefuls, including Superman's supposed descendant Laurel Kent, and Shadow Lass' cousin Shadow Kid.

Comet Queen's unusual appearance is paired with eccentric speech patterns – her dialogue is peppered with bizarre private slang that incorporates words relating to celestial bodies seemingly at random. In particular, she enjoys saying things like: "C-speed limit," "star-particles," "totally gravitied," "starshine," and "go nova." Her dialogue is usually presented in square, yellow-tinged speech balloons with thick lines, and her idiosyncratic rhythms baffle those around her.

She is later recruited into a short-lived version of the Legion of Substitute Heroes; this version is formed by Cosmic Boy in order to deal with special missions.[1] Other members of this group include Night Girl, Karate Kid II, as well as her former teachers Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel.

Post-Zero Hour

Comet Queen makes two appearances after Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, in Legionnaires #43 (December 1996), and later as a member of the new Legion Academy in Legion #25.

Post-Infinite Crisis

Comet Queen later appears in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5, among many Legionnaires from alternate realities and Legion-related characters who have been brought to fight the Time Trapper.

Comet Queen makes another appearance in Legion of Super-Heroes (current series) #6, as part of the active class at the Legion Academy.

Powers and abilities

After exposure to a comet's tail, Comet Queen gained the ability to fly, even in the vacuum of space. She can also emit a variety of noxious gases that can be used to stun an opponent.


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