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ComiColor Cartoons

The ComiColor Cartoon series was a series of 25 animated short subjects produced by the Ub Iwerks studio from 1933 to 1936. The series was the last produced by the studio; after losing distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1934, the Iwerks studio's senior company Celebrity Pictures (run by Pat Powers) had to distribute the films itself. The series was shot exclusively in Cinecolor.

Most of the ComiColor entries were based upon popular fairy tales and other familiar stories, including Jack and the Beanstalk, Old Mother Hubbard, The Bremen Town Musicians, and The Headless Horseman. Grim Natwick, Al Eugster, and Shamus Culhane were among the series' lead animators/directors, and a number of the shorts were filmed using Iwerks' multiplane camera, which he built himself from the remains of a Chevrolet automobile.



Film Original release date
Jack and the Beanstalk November 30, 1933
The Little Red Hen February 16, 1934
The Brave Tin Soldier April 7
Puss in Boots May 17
The Queen of Hearts June 25
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp August 10
The Headless Horseman October 1
The Valiant Tailor (The King's Tailor - Castle Films) October 29
Don Quixote November 26
Jack Frost December 24


Film Original release date
Little Black Sambo February 6, 1935
The Bremen Town Musicians March 6
Old Mother Hubbard April 3
Mary's Little Lamb May 1
Summertime June 15
Sinbad the Sailor July 30
The Three Bears August 30
Balloon Land September 30
Simple Simon November 15
Humpty Dumpty December 30


Film Original release date
Ali Baba January 30, 1936
Tom Thumb March 30
Dick Whittington's Cat May 30
Little Boy Blue (The Big Bad Wolf - Castle Films) July 30
Happy Days September 30


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