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Comicforum is an internet forum with a focus on comics that was founded in 2000.

Development and content

When the forum went online in 2000, it was the only comics-related discussion forum. Various large comic publishers like Carlsen, Egmont Ehapa, and Panini Comics opened official forums.

Carlsen left Comicforum in 2002 and opened new official forums at Comics in Leipzig. In 2004, Panini left as well. Carlsen returned to Comicsforum in March 2009. However, the Carlsen Manga-Forum and the forum of the manga anthology Daisuki remained at Comics in Leipzig. At this time, alongside the large publishers Carlsen and Egmont Ehapa, there are many small comic publishers located at Comicforum. Also, there is a large area for artists.

The Comicforum of today is not only a forum for comics, but also for games, books, films, and music. Currently, there are 35,000 registered members of which about 800 are active every day.

The subject areas in the part of the forum dedicated to comics are:

  • Official publisher forums
  • Retailers and support (for example the collectors software Comickeeper)
  • Magazines (forums of comic magazines, online and printed)
  • Fan pages and fan forums
  • Fairs and contacts (for example: the official forum of the Frankfurt Book Fair - Faszination Comics)
  • Themes (for example: albums, anime, and manga)
  • Artist area (presentation- and critic-forum, job market for illustrators)
  • Marketplace


For its artist area, Comicforum received the ICOM Sonderpreis 2004. The Interessenverband Comic, which awards this independent comic prize, explained this with the connecting effect the forum has for the comic fans. Additionally, they note the creation of networks for artists, which influence later publications, and call Comicforum a factor the German comic landscape can no longer be imagined without.[1]


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