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Communist Alliance

The Communist Alliance was registered on 16 March 2009 with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) as an Australian political party.[1] It was an alliance of a number of Communist groups, individuals and ethnic based Communist Parties. The Alliance was formed to allow communists to run in elections under the Communist banner, while allowing the Communist Party of Australia, a member of the Alliance, to retain a separate, independent membership.

The Alliance endorsed a candidate for the House of Representatives seat of Sydney in the 2010 federal election. The candidate received 0.83% or 656 of the 79,377 votes cast.[2] It also endorsed two candidates for the Senate in New South Wales, receiving 0.17% or 6,999 of the 4,333,267 votes cast.[3]

Communist Alliance changed its AEC registered name to "The Communists" on 24 August 2011,[4] but the AEC deregistered The Communists as a political party on 22 May 2012 because it "failed to prove it still had 500 members eligible for enrolment."[5]


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