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Community Boards of Queens

Community Boards of Queens are local government bodies in the New York City borough of Queens, which are appointed by the Borough President. Each of the 14 Community Boards in Queens consists of 50 non-paid members. They do not have any administrative rights, but they may present requests, regarding community needs, to City Administration. There is no guarantee that the request will be approved by City, but in practice the most of reasonable problems have been resolved.

Every District consists of several neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods span into more than one district. Neighborhoods are not administrative units. Their names, borders and even population in every District are not firm and varies, depending on particular resident's opinion. Obviously, real estate companies and developers try to play influential role in neighborhood zoning and naming.

However the New York City Department of City Planning has maps with neighborhood names and boundaries. These names and borders more or less match residents' views on the matter and could be a good reference for sorting through this controversial issue. Links to City data on particular District are located in the appropriate District-related paragraph.

The borough of Queens consists of many distinct neighborhoods, each with its own character. The 14 Community Boards in Queens, and a few representative neighborhoods in each, are listed below:[1]

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