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Complement receptor

A complement receptor is a receptor of the complement system, a part of the mediated innate immune system. Complement receptors are responsible for detecting pathogens by mechanisms not mediated by antibodies. Complement activity is not antigen sensitive, but can be triggered by specific antigens. Therefore complement (a group of proteins in the serum that help achieve phagocytosis and lysis of antigens) is also part of the humoral immune system.

Complement receptors

Types include:

CR # Name CD
CR1 - CD35
CR2 - CD21
CR3 Macrophage-1 antigen or "integrin alphaMbeta2" CD11b+CD18
CR4 Integrin alphaXbeta2 or "p150,95" CD11c+CD18
- C3a receptor -
- C5a receptor CD88

Clinical significance

Defects in these receptors can be associated with disease.[1]

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