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Constitution Protection Office (Hungary)

The AH logo. The bird is a turul and the shield itself the Arpad stripes of ancient Hungary.

The Alkotmányvédelmi Hivatal AH (en. Constitution Protection Office) is the name of a Hungarian internal security intelligence agency. Its primary responsibilities are: counterintelligence, anticorruption, economic security and related proactive measures. The AH also leads investigations against organized crime and deals with (mainly internal) threats against society (such as subversion). Formerly known as Nemzetbiztonsági Hivatal (en. Office of National Security).

Txes law enforcement agency was reorganized after the fall of the socialist second Cabinet of Ferenc Gyurcsány and cabinet of Gordon Bajnai in 2010, and now follow the modern law-based kind of information gathering and government support.

Its previous incarnation has been part of the Ministry of Interior of the People's Republic of Hungary.

AH is active since 2010.

General Directors

Brig. László Göbölös since 2010

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