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Continuity changes during Infinite Crisis

In the course of the fictional story presented in the DC Comics event Infinite Crisis (the seven-issue limited series, its lead-in stories, and various tie-ins), several events in the fictional DC Universe's past were retroactively altered by either Superboy-Prime or the separation and re-merging of alternate Earths. Where not otherwise stated, this page deals only with changes known by the end of Infinite Crisis #7.

Superboy-Prime's changes

Superboy-Prime's attempts to punch his way out of the extradimensional space in which he had been trapped since the Crisis on Infinite Earths, along with Kal-L, Lois Lane (both of Earth-Two), and Alexander Luthor, Jr. (of Earth-Three), triggered "ripples" in the fabric of reality, causing events in the present to become undone and replaced by different versions of events. These changes were different for each person affected. Changes include:

Multiverse collapse changes

The infinite Earths, which had collapsed into a single world during Crisis on Infinite Earths, diverged again into multiple Earths during Infinite Crisis only to collapse back into a single "New Earth" with a slightly altered history. Examples of the revised history include:

Editorial retcons

Some retcons introduced during the Infinite Crisis storyline were the result of editors or writers deciding to revise certain story elements in order to fit a particular story or scenario. Examples include:

Subsequent continuity changes attributed to Infinite Crisis

Some continuity changes were attributed to Infinite Crisis after it ended, without specifying whether Superboy-Prime or the collapse of the Multiverse caused them. These include:

Deceased prior to Infinite Crisis, these characters reappeared as if they never died:

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