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Cornwall Film Festival

The Cornwall Film Festival (Cornish: Gool fylm Kernow) is an annual festival started in 2001 which focuses on Cornish film making, offering local and national premieres, and hosts masterclasses, workshops and discussions for everyone from the enthusiast to the professional.

The festival supports Cornish film making in the Cornish or English and there is a "govynn kernewek" competition in which applicants present their idea for a film in the Cornish language, with the winners receiving financial, material and technical support for the production.

Many film-makers who work solely in English will refer to themselves as Cornish film makers. Their films often make use of Cornish themes, landscape and way of life. Certainly the concept of a Cornish film industry exists, the term 'Oggywood' has been coined (from oggy meaning pasty and Hollywood). Similarly there has been a Young Peoples Festival which runs a day prior to the main festival. This has run for the same amount of time as the main festival.


2005 Delabole Slate Audience Award Film of the Festival: Encounters, Dir: Pat Kelman Prod.: Jonty Reason [1] on behalf of Pittot Films

2005 Delabole Slate Audience Award Student Film of the Festival: Sunday Bench, Dir: Russell Hancock

2005 Govynn Kernewek Award: Tap Tap Tap, Dir: Marie Foulston

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