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Cortical deafness

Cortical Deafness
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Location of the Primary Auditory Cortex in the brain
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Cortical deafness is a form of sensorineural hearing loss caused by damage to the primary auditory cortex. Cortical deafness is an auditory disorder where the patient is unable to hear sounds but has no apparent damage to the anatomy of the human ear (see auditory system), which can be thought of as the combination of auditory verbal agnosia and auditory agnosia.

Cortical deafness is caused by bilateral cortical lesions in the primary auditory cortex located in the temporal lobes of the brain.[1] In most instances, the cause is bilateral embolic stroke to the area of Heschl's gyri. Cortical deafness is extremely rare, with only twelve reported cases.

Patients with cortical deafness cannot hear any sounds, that is, they are not aware of sounds including non-speech, voices, and speech sounds.[2]

It is thought that cortical deafness could be a part of a spectrum of an overall cortical hearing disorder.[1] In some cases, patients with cortical deafness have had recovery of some hearing functions, resulting in partial auditory deficits such as auditory verbal agnosia.[1][3] Auditory verbal agnosia is the inability to recognize speech while hearing remains intact.[2] This syndrome might be difficult to distinguish from a bilateral temporal lesion such as described above.


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