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Council of the Republic of Belarus

Council of the Republic of Belarus
Савет Рэспублікі Нацыянальнага сходу Рэспублікі Беларусі
File:Coat of arms of Belarus.svg
Mikhail Myasnikovich
since December 2014
Seats 64
Last election
None (appointed)
Meeting place
Minsk, Krasnoarmeyskaya, 9
Official Web-site
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The Council of the Republic (Belarusian: Савет Рэспублікі, Savyet Respubliki; Russian: Совет Республики, Sovet Respubliki) is the upper house in Belarus' bicameral parliament, the National Assembly. The Council comprises 64 members and the representation is based geographically, most of the elected members come from civil society organizations, labour collectives and public associations in their jurisdiction. Each oblast (six) and the city of Minsk (national capital) are represented with eight members plus another eight members are appointed to the council on the presidential quota.

Speakers of the Council of the Republic

Name Entered office Left office
Pavel Shipuk January 13, 1997 December 19, 2000
Alyaksandr Vaytovich December 19, 2000 July 28, 2003
Henadz Navitski July 28, 2003 October 31, 2008
Boris Batura October 31, 2008 May 24, 2010
Anatoli Rubinov May 24, 2010 December 2014
Mikhail Myasnikovich[1] December 27, 2014 Present


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