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Crawford Boxes

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The Crawford Boxes

The Crawford Boxes are a special section of seating in Minute Maid Park, the home of the Houston Astros. The boxes are named for their being parallel to Crawford Street in Downtown Houston. Officially the section numbers are 100 through 104 (with Section 104 being in foul territory and the other sections in fair territory)

The Crawford Boxes are located in left field in Minute Maid Park with one of the shortest porches in baseball. The home-plate-to-wall measurement of the boxes is only 315 feet (96 meters). The 19-foot wall that maintains the front of the elevated boxes houses the hand-operated scoreboard for other games occurring the same day.

Due to their popularity, Crawford Box seats are among the most expensive of outfield seats in the major leagues (for 2012 an individual ticket is $37).

Landry's Restaurants, Inc. have bought out the naming rights to the Crawford Boxes, lending the commercial moniker "Landry's Crawford Boxes" during radio and television broadcasts. In addition, promoters from restaurants owned by Landry's (such as Rainforest Cafe and Saltgrass Steakhouse) visit on various days and throw gifts such as T-shirts, keychains, frisbees, and stuffed animals to the fans in the boxes. Traditionally, any fan that catches a home run ball that lands in the Crawford Boxes wins a gift certificate to a Landry's Restaurant.

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