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Cross of Merit (Poland)

Cross of Merit
Krzyż Zasługi
Current version of Gold Cross of Merit
Awarded by the President of Poland
Country 23x15px Poland
Type Medal awarded in three grades: Golden, Silver, and Bronze
Awarded for Exemplary public service or humanitarian work that goes above and beyond the call of duty
Status Currently awarded
Clasps denotes subsequent award
Established June 23, 1923
First awarded November 11, 1923
Next (higher) Cross of Merit with Swords
Next (lower) Military Cross of Merit with Swords,
Air Force Cross of Merit with Swords,
Navy Cross of Merit with Swords

The Cross of Merit (Polish: Krzyż Zasługi) is a Polish civil state award established on June 23, 1923, to recognize services to the state.

The Order has three grades:

1. Gold Cross of Merit 100px
2. Silver Cross of Merit 100px
3. Bronze Cross of Merit 100px

At the time of its establishment in 1923, the Cross of Merit was the highest civilian award in Poland. It was awarded to citizens who went beyond the call of duty in their work for the country and society as a whole. May be awarded twice in each grade to the same person.


  • Michał Kwiatkowski (Gold Cross of Merit 2014), Polish road cyclist
  • Bronisława Rychter-Janowska (Gold Cross of Merit 1939), Cracovian artist.[1]
  • Henri Strzelecki (Gold Cross of Merit 1990), co-founder of Henri Lloyd.[2]
  • Jerzy Zralski (Gold Cross of Merit 2000), II WW veteran and writer [3]
  • Bogdan Labecki (Gold Cross of Merit 2013).[3]
  • Tomasz Miśkiewicz - for work with the immigrant and native Islamic Youth in 2006
  • Michal Kuleczka (Gold Cross of Merit 2013).[3]
  • Bogdan Labecki (Gold Cross of Merit 2013).[3]
  • John Dodunski (Cross of Merit 2013) - New Zealand - March 2013
  • Margaret Scannell née Dodunski (Cross of Merit 2013) - New Zealand - March 2013
  • Robert Dodunski (Cross of Merit 2013) - New Zealand - March 2013
  • Tomasz Trembowski (Bronze Cross of Merit 2013) - Canada - May 2013 [4]
  • Elwira Grossman (Gold Cross of Merit 2013) - Scotland - August 2013
  • Rudolf Gundlach (Silver Cross of Merit) - Gundlach tank periscope inventor
  • Agnieszka Radwańska (Gold Cross of Merit) - Tennis Player [5]
  • Katarzyna Maria Dziewanowska- (Gold Cross of Merit) Scientific Research - University of Idaho September 26, 2013
  • Marcin Pawel Grzadka (Silver Cross of Merit) - Harcmistrz, Co-Founder of YPCPA.[6] & Chairman of Quo Vadis Leadership Conference.[7] - Canada - November 2013
  • Natalia Kusendova (Silver Cross of Merit)

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