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Crossroads (comics)

Publication information
Publisher First Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date July – November 1988
Number of issues 5
Main character(s) Whisper
Luther Ironheart
Judah Maccabee
Creative team
Writer(s) Steven Grant
Mike Baron
Roger Salick
Artist(s) Cynthia Martin
Joe Staton
Shawn McManus
Luke McDonnell
Penciller(s) Angel Medina
Inker(s) Rod Whigham
Editor(s) Rick Oliver
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Crossroads was a five-issue limited series published in 1988 by First Comics.

Crossroads made use of various First Comics published characters, including Sable, Badger, Grimjack, Dreadstar, and Nexus. The stories, written by Steven Grant, Mike Baron, and Roger Salick, were intertwined, although featuring different characters in each issue. Artists included Cynthia Martin, Joe Staton, Shawn McManus, and Luke McDonnell. The covers for each issue were supplied by Steve Rude.


Part 1 - Dance To The End Of Love (July 1988)

Featuring Whisper and Sable
Written by Steven Grant and illustrated by Cynthia Martin.

Part 2 - Payback (Aug. 1988)

Featuring Sable and Badger
Written by Mike Baron and illustrated by Angel Medina & Rod Whigham.

Part 3 - Low Moon At Stonehenge (Sept. 1988)

Featuring Badger and Luther Ironheart
Written by Roger Salick and Illustrated by Joe Staton.

Part 4 - Head Games (Oct. 1988)

Featuring Grimjack and Judah Maccabee
Written by Roger Salick and illustrated by Shawn McManus.

Part 5 - Vicious Circle (Nov. 1988)

Featuring Grimjack, Dreadstar & Nexus
Written by Mike Baron and illustrated by Luke McDonnell.

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