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Template:Infobox Italian comune Cuorgnè is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about Script error: No such module "convert". north of Turin.

Cuorgnè is located at the mouth of the Orco Valley, and borders the following municipalities: Castellamonte, Pont-Canavese, Borgiallo, Chiesanuova, Alpette, San Colombano Belmonte, Canischio, Valperga, and Prascorsano.

Curgné originated in the Middle Ages after the ancient town of Canava was destroyed by a flood of the Orco River (1030). Later it was held by Arduin of Ivrea's descendants, and, later, by the House of Savoy. It received the status of city in 1932. Sights include the Archaeological Museum of Canavese (with findings from the nearby area, in particular from the Neolithic Age) and the Sacro Monte di Belmonte, located a few kilometers outside the town.


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