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Curt John Ducasse

Curt John Ducasse (7 July 1881 – 3 September 1969) was a philosopher who taught at the University of Washington and Brown University.

Ducasse was born in Angoulême, France. He is most notable for his work in philosophy of mind and aesthetics, and his influence can be seen in the work of Roderick Chisholm and Wilfrid Sellars. Ducasse served as the president of the Eastern division of the American Philosophical Association in 1939-40. He also wrote on parapsychology and joined the American Society for Psychical Research in 1951 and served a term as vice president beginning in 1966.[1]


  • Ducasse, The Philosophy of Art, (1929)
  • Ducasse, Philosophy as a Science, (1941)
  • Ducasse, Art, the Critics, and You, (1944)
  • Ducasse, Nature, Mind, and Death, (1951)
  • Ducasse, A Philosophical Scrutiny of Religion, (1953)
  • Ducasse, A Critical Examination of the Belief in a Life after Death, (1961)
  • Ducasse, Truth, Knowledge, and Causation, (1968)


Further reading

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  • P. H. Hare and Edward H. Madden, Causing, Perceiving and Believing: An Examination of the Philosophy of C. J. Ducasse, (1975)

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