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File:Wimborne Minster.jpg
Her Abbey now Wimborne Minster
Cwenburh of Wimborne was an 8th-century Catholic saint[1] from Anglo-Saxon England.

Very little is known of the life of this saint; she is known to history mainly through a hagiography in the collection of 11th century manuscripts entitled "On the Resting-Places of the Saints",[2]

Cwenburh was abbess of Wimborne monastery.[3] She was born about 644, in Wessex, England and was probably the child of King Cenred of Wessex and thus descended from the royal families of Wessex and Northumbria. Her siblings were Cuthburh, King Ine of Wessex and Prince Ingild of Wessex.

She began her career by entering Saint Ethelburgas monastery at Barking, England under Hildelith. However, she soon founded a monastery at Wimborne Minster in Dorset with her sister Cuthburh, who was its first abbess.


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