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Czech hip hop

Czech hip hop is a hip hop musical subculture in the Czech Republic. Its history began after the Velvet Revolution in 1989.[citation needed][dubious ] Since that time the subculture have started to become an influential urban phenomenon with many bands, clubs and hip hop festivals appearing all around the country.

Czech hip hop bands

  • Chaozz
  • Naše Věc
  • Prago Union
  • Peneři Strýčka Homeboye (PSH)
  • Supercrooo
  • Khomator
  • Hypno 808
  • Yzo Empire 420
  • Archetyp 51
  • Fuerza Arma
  • WWW
  • Rook Squad
  • Azurit Kingdom

Czech hip hop festivals

Hip Hop Kemp

Hip Hop Kemp is an international hip hop festival held every August in eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic. It is one of the biggest hip-hop festivals in Europe with an audience of 20,000.[1] The festival takes place in late August, usually in Festival Park, Hradec Králové, and has been running since 2002.

Originally staged at the areál koupaliště Cihelna in Pardubice, Hip Hop Kemp has become a meeting place for fans of hip hop culture from across the globe.[citation needed] Numerous stages and hangers have a full line up of local and international DJs as well as artists, breakdancers and graffiti artists over the course of three days.

To cater to a growing international audience, the promoters added English hosts to the main stage, to present the acts alongside the Czech language host. More hangers have also opened as stages offering other related genres such as grime, dubstep, and club music.

In 2013, artists included Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Lords of the Underground, Fashawn and Guilty Simpson.

Urban Rapublic

Urban Rapublic is a Czech and German hip hop and reggae festival held annually in June.

2005 Line-Up

  • Scratch ex-The Roots
  • Tajai - Souls Of Mischief
  • Phi - Life Cypher
  • The Regime
  • Zion I
  • Insight
  • Mr. Mention
  • Ranking Fire & Brother Coms
  • United Flavour

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