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File:Dancewriting 001.jpg
Valerie Sutton in a ballet pose, with the corresponding DanceWriting representation

DanceWriting is a dance notation system that uses figurative and abstract symbols on a five-line, Western music notation staff. The system, which was invented by Valerie Sutton, employs the International Movement-Writing Alphabet.[1]


DanceWriting was conceived in 1966 by Sutton, a ballet student at the time, as a stick figure notation for her own use. She began training with the Royal Danish Ballet in 1970, and over the course of the next two years used her notation system to record historic works of the Royal Danish Ballet. Sutton authored a book about DanceWriting, Sutton Movement Shorthand, The Classical Ballet Key, Key One, in 1973. In 1974 Sutton taught the system to members of the Royal Danish Ballet[relevant? ].

See also

  • SignWriting, a system of writing sign languages also developed by Valerie Sutton


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