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De âlde Friezen

De âlde Friezen
English: The Old Frisians

Regional anthem of 23x15px Friesland
Lyrics Eeltsje Halbertsma / Jacobus van Loon, 1876
Music Heinrich Christian Schnoor

"De âlde Friezen" (English: "The Old Frisians") is the anthem of the Friesland province of the Netherlands.

The text is by the Frisian writer Eeltsje Halbertsma. The version commonly sung today is an abridgement, dating from 1876, by Jacobus van Loon. Although the words were not set to music until after Halbertsma's death (they were first sung in 1875 at a ceremony held to commemorate his work), the author may well have known the melody from his days as a student at Heidelberg since it is that of a student song (Vom hoh'n Olymp) by Heinrich Christian Schnoor which had been popular there as the setting for several different German texts since the 1790s.

The song was adopted as the Frisian anthem by the Selskip foar Frysk Taal- en Skriftekennisse (Society for Frisian Language and Literature) on the urging of politician, writer and poet Pieter Jelles Troelstra (1860-1930) and has served as the (unofficial) anthem of Friesland ever since.


Frysk bloed tsjoch op! Wol noris brûze en siede,
en bûnzje troch ús ieren om!
Flean op! Wy sjonge it bêste lân fan d'ierde,
it Fryske lân fol eare en rom.
Chorus (2x)
Klink dan en daverje fier yn it rûn,
Dyn âlde eare, o Fryske grûn!
Hoe ek fan oermacht, need en see betrutsen,
oerâlde, leave Fryske grûn,
Nea waard dy fêste, taaie bân ferbrutsen,
dy't Friezen oan har lân ferbûn.
Chorus (2x)
Fan bûgjen frjemd, bleau by 't âld folk yn eare,
syn namme en taal, syn frije sin;
Syn wurd wie wet; rjocht, sljocht en trou syn leare,
en twang, fan wa ek, stie it tsjin.
Chorus (2x)
Trochloftich folk fan dizze âlde namme,
wês jimmer op dy âlders great!
Bliuw ivich fan dy grize, hege stamme,
in grien, in krêftich bloeiend leat!
Chorus (2x)

English translation

Frisian blood, thicken up! Now rise, foam and seethe,
and thud on through our veins!
Fly up! We sing of the best land on the Earth,
the Frisian land full of honour and pride.
Chorus (2x)
Sound then and thunder it far and wide,
Thine old honour, oh Frisian ground!
How also from other nations, need, and sea threatened,
age-old, beloved Frisian ground,
Those stead fast bonds were never broken,
that bound the Frisians to their land.
Chorus (2x)
Unused to bowing, they stayed by the old folk in honor,
their name and language, their sense of freedom.
Their word was law, right, humble and true they teach,
and opposed to coercion from whomever it might come.
Chorus (2x)
Honourable people of this old name,
be always proud of your ancestors!
Remain forever on that high grey stem
a green and strong flourishing shoot!
Chorus (2x)

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