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Def Comedy Jam

Def Comedy Jam
Created by Russell Simmons
Stan Lathan
Presented by Martin Lawrence
Queen Latifah
Joe Torry
D.L. Hughley
Ricky Harris
Adele Givens
Cedric The Entertainer
Dave Chappelle
Starring Various
Country of origin USA
Executive producer(s) Russell Simmons
Stan Lathan
Running time N/A
Original channel HBO[1]
Original release July 1, 1992 – January 1, 1997;
September 10, 2006 – 2008
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Def Comedy Jam is a HBO television series produced by Russell Simmons.[2][3][4]

The series had its original run from July 1, 1992 to January 1, 1997. The show returned on HBO's fall lineup in 2006. Def Comedy Jam helped to launch the careers of several African-American stand-up comedians.[5]


The show was criticized for excessive foul language and negative representations of African Americans.[6][7]


The show produced a spinoff called Loco Slam.[8]


  • The series was spoofed on In Living Color in its "Lesser Known Moments of Black History" where a janitor hurts himself on stage and shouts obscenities to himself, causing the audience to roar with laughter, thus "inventing" the show. Another reference was "Def Strawberry Jam", endorsed by Russell Simmons.
  • It has been spoofed on "Saturday Night Live" as having the "Def Magic Show", which was shown after the Def Comedy Jam.


The show is currently available in DVD boxsets in the USA and the UK.[9]


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