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Democrat Union of Africa

The Democrat Union of Africa is an alliance of centre-right political parties in Africa. Founded in Dakar, Senegal, in 1997, it is affiliated to the global International Democrat Union.[1]

Member parties

Full members

Country Party Abbr Color Upper house legislative seats Lower house legislative seats Status
23x15px Côte d'Ivoire Democratic Party of Côte d'Ivoire – African Democratic Rally PDCI-RDA Green Unicameral legislature only
76 / 255
Junior party in government coalition
23x15px Ghana New Patriotic Party NPP Red, Blue, and White Unicameral legislature only
123 / 275
In opposition
Template:Country data Kenya Democratic Party DP Red
0 / 67
0 / 349
Extra-parliamentary opposition
23x15px Lesotho Basotho National Party BNP Blue, White, Red, and Green Senate members are tribal leaders or appointees
5 / 120
In opposition
23x15px Liberia Unity Party UP Green and Maroon
10 / 30
25 / 73
In government
23x15px Malawi People's Party PP Orange, Black & White Unicameral legislature only
26 / 193
In opposition
23x15px Namibia Democratic Turnhalle Alliance DTA Blue and Red Unicameral legislature only
5 / 96
In opposition
23x15px Seychelles New Democratic Party NDP Blue Unicameral legislature only
0 / 31
Extra-parliamentary opposition
23x15px Sierra Leone People's Movement for Democratic Change PMDC Green, Orange Unicameral legislature only
0 / 112
Extra-parliamentary opposition
23x15px Tanzania Party for Democracy and Progress CHADEMA Red, Blue, and White Unicameral legislature only
49 / 353
In opposition
23x15px Uganda Democratic Party DP Green Unicameral legislature only
12 / 375
In opposition
23x15px Uganda Forum for Democratic Change FDC Blue Unicameral legislature only
34 / 375
In opposition

Observer members

Country Party Abbr Color Upper house legislative seats Lower house legislative seats Status
23x15px Democratic Republic of the Congo Union for Democracy and Social Progress UDPS Yellow, Red, and Blue
0 / 108
41 / 500
In opposition
23x15px Mozambique Democratic Movement of Mozambique MDM Orange Unicameral legislature only
8 / 250
In opposition


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