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Democratic Left Front

The Democratic Left Front was formed as a non-sectarian and non-authoritarian anti-capitalist front in South Africa.[1][2][3] It was formed at the Conference for a Democratic Left held in Johannesburg in January 2011.[4][5] It has played a notable role in solidarity campaigns, most recently concerning the Marikana massacre.


The Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front has expressed reservations about the almost entirely middle class nature of the leadership of the DLF[6] and matters of internal processes.[7] However the South African Unemployed Peoples' Movement has welcomed the DLF as an "historic opportunity".[8]


The DLF has expressed strong support for the rights of LGTBI people.[9]

The DLF was actively involved in the Occupy Johannesburg movement in coordination with Taking Back South Africa! on 15 October 2011 as part of the global Occupy movement.[10]

The DLF supported the Marikana miners' strike in 2012[11] and was centrally involved in the Marikana Support Committee.[12]

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